The Delines - am I a heretic?

Just listened to their latest again and it occurred to me that all their songs are essentially mini short stories with a music component that is nothing more than samey bland accompanying background sound.

Sure, this is a slight exaggeration but whilst I do play them I rather wish there was a bit more variety to their output…

No……i did post that i found the new album disappointing with no change in musical direction, not unpleasant, but have not bothered to play again. But of course others have liked it for that very reason, each to their own.

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I have bought their new album. Not bad. But the atmosphere is a bit repetitive. Nothing really special.

Conversely, I’m really enjoying it. Although, musically, it definitely follows a common theme, lyrically it’s worth a few listens.

Won’t make too much difference but did you get it in 24bit?

On a completely different tack, have you come across Thorsen Praest, I think you’ll like his stuff.

Thanks for your recommendation. I will check later. :+1:

I agree, two albums in my collection seems enough; this new one hasn’t been added after a few listens. I actually like ‘Colfax’ most.


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I gave it a few listens. Lyrically there was some stimulation. Musically I was genuinely disappointed. Repetitive and bland.

I guess most of us are here for music not literature. The Delines ouevre is micro-literature set to (repetitive) music…

In that kind of music I much prefer Frazey Ford for instance.

I like it, but then they are a pretty new discovery to me, not sure how I missed them as I have many Richmond Fontaine albums, like those these are more heavy on the narrative which I like. Listened to all 3 Delines albums and I feel each has its own feel musically. They dont move massively from their formula but one can say that about many bands, they find their sound but all the albums do feel subtly different, I love Amy Boones vocal style to me that’s their sound more than the instrumentation which is secondary.


That’s an interesting comparison. I really like the last Frazey Ford album but lyrically it’s about as comprehensible as Stipe’s singing on Murmur.

REM are almost the antithesis of The Delines. REM is all about the music with the lyrics serving as a ‘verbal instrument’ rather than serving a narrative, the other a series of literary vignettes with the music as background accompanyment.

I don’t listen to lyrics really, more focus on the voice, presence, ambiance, instruments….Anyway it would be difficult for me, even if I wanted to.

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