The end of Blutak? (blue/white, any colour)

In a recent video John Darko was sent some gel damper pads for drums with the Buchardt S400 mk2 that he was reviewing by the designer (Buchardt himself) to use between the bookshelf speakers and the speaker stands.

Does it isolate? Well it looks like it should. £9 for 48 from the River (less pads available). Worth a punt!

Thx, I watched the video yesterday and you have saved me some digging.

Will you be giving them a go?

Search for:
Drum Damper Pads

Gone for the option outlined above to give some to children as well.

See how the Spendors like them.

Me too, only in my case the child is ME :wink:

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Do you have a link please?

No external links allowed Paul.

YouTube the John Darko channel. POW! Buchardt vs KEF 13mins 59 seconds in.

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As @badlyread says. The damper pads are mentioned towards the end of the video.

Thanks. Have ordered some for £8.99 - not a lot to lose.

No doubt some wag will tell us that blue works better than black, or maybe blue at the front and black at the back, or how about a Blu-tack A/B test. !
I think my 5 year-old Blu-tack may have dried out. If I pick-up my heavy speakers the heavy stand lifts too.

I believe the ones used in the video are SkyGel ones that are available on the Bay. The River ones are harder/less wobbly. But I could be wrong. Have ordered the SkyGel ones so will compare both when back off holiday.

Well I have the Mk1 Buchardt S400’s ( with Mk 2 on the way) and bought the SkyGels to sit on SolidSteel stands.

I’m really enjoying the outcome. Detail, separation improvement with all the prat you could ask for. It’s as if the room has less effect on the music. It appears as if some nulls have been cured as well.

Well worth the outlay in my case.

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Just back from a week in wonderful Derbyshire and the SkyGels were waiting for me. A lot softer and stickier than the Amazon option. Installed and currently listening to Steve McQueen (Acoustic) and it sounds wonderful! £8 well spent.

Edit - just playing The Blue Nile - ‘A Walk Across The Rooftops’ and the bass has just dropped! Oh, my!

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