The end of CD for Naim




Yep, must be awful being young !

Sonically in what sense…tighter, brighter, better sound stage ??

Nothing subtle about it for me. They’re two entirely different players as a consequence of the different mech.

There does certainly seem to be an influx of CDX2s on the second hand market at the moment, probably now is the best time to grab one…Personally, I think the CD5Si has the best mech of the lot, certainly miles better then the VAM 1202 that was in my CD5i.

Not these qualitative classifications, but more a matter of sonical difference. All the times I listened to a cdx2(.2) and Rock / Pop music was played - I thought ‘yes!’, but I was never a big fan of classical music on a cdx2(.2). All the times I listened to a cd5si I was impressed. I never owned one, but I have demo-ed it on my supernait + hicap dr and it was a good match.

I’m not sure if it’s the end of CDs, but I would appreciate if the mechanisms were more rugged. My Unitilite’s CD drawer has recently gone into door jammed mode. I’ve since read this is a known issue with that model. I did contact Naim support and they told me it can be fixed, but it would have to be shipped and the price of repair is in the hundreds. I have been ripping many of the CDs into a Unitiserve, but I’d still like to use the Unitilite’s own player.

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ncoligan, welcome to the forum!

I do hope you have quick turnaround with the repair of your Unitiserve and enjoy it for years to come.

Hello and welcome. I had a 'lite for a couple of years and noticed the drawer mechanism was getting a little cluncky before I traded it in for a '2.
Hope you can get a satisfactory outcome. :+1:

Don’t you think a premium product manufacturer should do more to identify issues and see that they are dealt with in a way that shows respect for purchasers who have invested in their product? I think recommending a fix that will cost hundreds of dollars shows a lack of concern even if the unit is almost a decade on from release date.

You’d be hard pushed to find another manufacturer who provides any support at all for a 10 year old product.
Have you had your dealer take a look at it?

Incorrect - Rega for one.

Depends. Japanese brands, even low end stuff like Denon will service stuff going back ages. They even fully believe in recapping and publish recapping prices on line.

Naim are one of the rare “western” brands that do this. So yes, if you buy a similarly priced Linn product and want it serviced 15 years later, no chance.

Some brands out here will service products longer than Naim have existed. Shame for me they don’t sound as good.

Simon, how do you know if you have the first version of the CDX2 or the second version?

The first version had no SPDIF out.

Hi David - Could you say why you would opt for a used CDX2 over a new CD5si? I recently purchased the CD5si - thanks in advance …

Well I’m sure a CD5si is fine, but it used to be Naim’s entry level player, now their only CD player, while the CDX2 was over £4K when Naim discontinued it and is well recognised as being a very musical machine.

So it’s whether you spend your money on something new or on something a bit more special but not new. You pay your money and make your choice…



Thanks Simon.

Thanks David.

My Mu-So just died. Flashing red. No complaints. I am sure it is easily fixed.

But I was reminded how much I love the CD and how happy I am with the CD players we have. CD5X upstairs rocks with the FlatcapXS and the worthy CD555 downstairs makes the rest of the house sing. I was offered a lightly used NDS this week at a discount bid. I declined. I am just not ready to go there. Lord knows what my CD555 would fetch. I am staying with my great sounding CD collection and the players that make it happen around here.

We do stream Spotify to the Airport Express and use a wired DAC for computer audio, but I am so grateful for physical media, CD and vinyl, and the Naim systems to make them sing.

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