The End of DSLR's

Me too - went down the 100 series - and had the xt 1 before landing on the xt2. Doesn’t seem to be any reason to upgrade. Only issue is that Lightroom doesn’t work well with Fuji Raws.

Capture One Pro is better for Fuji Raws. It was the reason I moved to C1 from LR back in 2013.

In fact, C1 is just a better piece of software for most/all cameras in terms of image quality but, I also like the way LR mobile works with desktop and iPad versions. It will come down to priorities. LR has nice features & C1 has absolute control and may take a little longer to learn how to get the most out of it.

Even though I think C1 is best, I think I’d go LR Mobile if it wasn’t for work. I do like the iPad version.


I’m tempted to get Capture One - the only thing is, C1 is a lot more expensive than LR. It’s fine for a professional, but it’s overkill for an amateur, I think. There used to be a simpler version for Fujifilm and a few other brands, I think, but this seems to have gone.

Leica recommend LR and LR Classic is used by many professionals, so don’t think of it as a step down.

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Check Adobe Photography package:

But @MMky’s and @A-Fin’s comments are quite valid. The X-Trans sensor is specific to Fujifilm - what works well for Leica does not necessarily work well with Fuji.

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From my own working perspective, tethering, Sessions, sharpening control & colour management (for my workflow) is better in C1 than LR. I have both, the full CC package but I still prefer to pay extra for C1.

Also, just to bear in mind. A lot of companies are in partnership with others for financial reasons so you can’t always base a decision on what a company says. It’s best to test/try and make up your own mind.

If I wasn’t using it for work, as I mentioned, I’d use LR as it’s more streamlined and I like how you can move from desktop to iPad using the cloud. That final 10% of details isn’t critical for non work. Interface is more useful for personal stuff and I love LR Mobile.

X-Trans sensors though, LR = Watercolour paint effect which is very obvious at 100% and this can be a quality control issue with some clients / agencies.

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The only Photo Editing software I own is a version of Photoshop Elements - which is now quite old (v9). But it does what I need and more. I refuse to ‘rent’ software (such as PS or LR…). And I am not blowing multiple 100’s of £’s to buy a package.

Anyone using a free package, such as Gimp…? Any actual experience would be of interest…
No need for RAW for this user… :roll_eyes:

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They used to do a cheaper version of C1 for Sony & Fuji customers. I would agree with you that the full package is prohibitive for amateur use. It depends on what you have as a camera and lenses etc and whether you change them a lot.

I only update the software if there is a new feature I want, I have a new camera / lens or if it has eventually stopped working with the OS. Normally, I update every 3 years so that is 3 years of no additional software payments.

I receive the full CC package from Adobe for free but I would pay for it if that wasn’t the case.

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How…? Why…?

Lol… because I sell lots… I mean LOTS of images with them each year. Approx 20k+ a year.

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I agree, it all depends on the type of photography you do. I was trying to say that LR is a also a professional package. Most Magnum photographers use it.

I rely on keywording a lot and LR’s keywording does not allow manual ordering / ranking. That kills it for me alone in terms of work. Very annoying. But theiPad is very liberating way to work… even on your iPhone. If they change that I would be prepared to change other areas of my workflow but as I said to their reps, I need the keywording sorted first!

Just trying to help, you said you were considering it.

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Ive always used Lightroom for my shots including those on XT4 - not a problem at all

Yep I use LR classic… and occasionally step in PS if I need too.
LR workflow and database management is pretty impressive and importantly quick - really useful for projects and archiving. Lots of industry support for filters and presets too.

Capture One is equally good for editing etc - but perhaps not so strong for database management and archiving - I no longer use Capture One.



Capture One is free for Fuji users. Or at least the version i use with my XT4 is. Whilst it is very good, im getting really close to just shooting in jpeg with the fuji now. The images rarely require tweeking.

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While I use C1 for all my editing. I use Sessions and I export all finished imagery to a network drive (jpg finished files) and use LR Classic as a database for those files. It is much better than C1 as a Catalogue.

Sessions are like mini catalogues and I create a new one for each job. They’re easy to move around and store long term offline (raw files). C1 catalogue is painful at times compared to LR though.

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Not any more… you’re right though, there’s little need to use raw - and some basic modifications can be done in-camera.

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