The End of DSLR's

Dear God… That is… (shakes head repeatedly in disbelief…)… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Here’s my current mirrorless camera. No need for more lenses when you have a 28mm f1.7 Summilux lens to play with.


I love my Q-P. A joy to use in manual mode and if I could only have one, it would be it!

Is that an Artisan & Artist silk strap? I use one with mine and they’re very nice!


Very nice. The wife has two Leica Ms, one digital and one film with Summicron 35mm & 55mm lenses, so we’re pretty well covered. The Q has a Leica Rope strap.


I believe your existing camera produces RAW files in CR2 format.

The ‘R’ series cameras produce RAW files in CR3 format. You will need to update your software in order for it to recognize the new format.

You don’t need a serial number

Digital Photo Professional Software - Canon Europe (

Hi all havent posted for while but !!! A comment about cameras got me back. As a full pro for 30+ years ( recently retired just before the covid started ) there was no better quality than film in my opinion!! But I finished my time yes with digital equipment for the final 10years. Having started with medium format then using Nikon dig for Candids, finally going full Nikon full frame D700s x 2 bodies , never had to take all my kit but yes more than most now. All pros worked in camera not on a screen afterwards we were taught to get it right on the day. Yes I was a portrait/ wedding man !! ( 70%/ 30% ) I now very rarely take images but my iPhone does a good job when I’m away. But !! Try and get a 30x40 wall print via a file to sell to decrerning clients wasn’t so good. Sorry when off on one.

Thank you, my software is the latest Monterey version 12.5 - updated a few days ago.

Getting grumpy that a brand new product leaves the manufacturer , without being up to date .

See wot the retailer comes back with tomorrow



Thanks , been there downloaded updates, but they seem to be with Raw editing on Canon’s own cloud editing system, I use the basic photos on my Mac , but I do a lot of cropping - so prefer Raw.

Many thanks for your kind assistance



That was true… until digital progressed further (and it is still progressing). Rather similar to vinyl vs digital…

As for getting it right in camera, that is great if you have the opportunity/time - however some subjects make that particularly difficult…
I used to enjoy darkroom work, including cropping and burning in, and produced a number of 20x24 inch exhibition prints from the likes of the Kodak Ektar 25 - a fine grain film long since since discontinued (That was the largest size I could print myself). I don’t enjoy tweaking on a monitor, though it brings a wide range of controls …with the beauty of zero cost until or unless you print, whereas in the darkroom the cost could quickly mount up. Maybe not important for a professional getting paid fully, but a serious consideration otherwise.


I believe that is the Apple Mac OS - not dedicated Photo Editing or Processing software - such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom… ?

IMO, your grumpiness is misplaced. But… YMMV…

Monterey comes with basic editing software , this is an example .

I expect a camera , especially one that had just been released , to be released with software that allows photos in Raw. I like to photograph subjects that need cropping.

I rarely use Jpeg , my photos take up 198 GB of memory on my Mac

And skill.


Loved Ektachrome , especially for Safaris . It just suited the bleached conditions

36 shots per game drive.

I remember having to explain that a slide shot was 50 million pixels , with Velvia, Kodachrome or Ektachrome.



Learning the basic formula for camera shake was a great start. Been analysing some of my bee photos and I think I should be looking at a minimum of 1/2000th of a second .

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For printing look at simlab
Excellent quality and prices though standard delivery minimum is dpd at £6 so best to send several off to print at the same time.
2x 12x18 inch plus 2 12x16 plus delivery total £14

Can’t buy the paper and ink a machine for that really

IMO, expecting basic Photo Editing software, built in to an OS, to deal with images from the very latest Camera that Canon has released (just), may be rather too much… :slightly_frowning_face:

I think Abobe PS or LR are more likely to be able to deal with these images, without problems.


Being As Agreeable As I Can…


The problem there is at least as much -arguably more- Apple’s fault rather than Canon’s. Canon can’t control what software houses produce, and there are probably 1001 different editing packages across different platforms. (And that is one reason why Canon releases ots own software, generally provided free with a new camera.) A good photo editing software producer would keep itself aware of developments by the few major camera manufacturers, and release updates very soon after new image formats appear, which happens periodically as the camera manufacturers develop and revease new improved products.


For raw files you can’t beat Adobe Lightroom.


That is very helpful

Many thanks


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