The End Of iTunes

From what I’ve read, syncing via iTunes to iOS devices will continue ( look at the 2019 WWDC info. to satisfy yourself).

Good news that Audirvana 3.5 is compatible with Catalina and the Music app.for those interested.

Not sure whether internet radio will be available in Catalina.

Personally, happy to remain with El Capitan for music as it has direct mode available with Audirvana 3.5 and continue to access internet radio.

Sidecar is kinda interesting for running a Mac music server headless with access via aniPad (not essential as there plenty of great screen sharing apps out there)

Other good news re Audirvana is that whilst it allowed and still allows legacy iTunes library control for people hooked on iTunes, it did not require or encourage it, indeed pointing to a negative effect on sound quality, at least when using Audirvana in its optimum mode as a renderer.

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