The greenhouse

Yep that makes sense.

That’s a lovely greenhouse DW. I’ll be showing your pic to my wife in the morning. I think she’ll love the idea. Thanks so much for posting it.

Hi David. You’re welcome, thank you.
We’re so pleased with it and get a lot of pleasure (and produce) using it. The old one was 25 years old, by comparison the new one is a luxury!

We paid professional installers to lay the base, build and erect, and add two water butts, so it’s almost self contained. Worth the cost and it should last another 25 years.

If you’re tempted I would strongly recommend going to see them in the flesh at a garden centre. There’s such a range of styles and prices it’s better to physically experience them - e.g. we chose ours because it had a high pitch (7’3”) and as we’re both tall meant we call walk around without stooping. Other styles offer different benefits.

Go on, treat yourselves!

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Mine has been a haven of warmth over these past few weeks.


Lovely! My wife would die for a cold frame!
What are you growing this time?

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That’s very nice, Andy. I shall show it to my wife as I’m sure one like that would be ideal for us. The real difficulty will be planning consent.

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A cold frame is my current project. It’s aluminium and when it arrived I decided that it would been very advantageous to have it raised off the ground. This complicates everything and has taken a few weeks of waiting for wood, researching paints, etc. Nearly finished, so will post something here when ready. Perhaps I’ll start a ‘The cold frame’ thread and make The Lounge a gardener’s corner.

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The dahlia are hardening off in there with a few cuttings I took last year. An enjoyable job during the winter was taking the frame lids out and renovating the wood and glass.


I was very lucky it came with the house, but after twenty years I had to have the wooden section replaced last year and found a company that did a complete replica.


When we built an extension many years ago we built in a greenhouse (no, it is not a conservatory). Fine decision

These were during construction and shortly after.

It is now always stuffed with plants, lots of work with spring planting this week. It provides a lot of veg every year. I should credit this to Mrs W, I am not the gardener. It is a good place to dry off a wet bike though.


That’s just showing off! Very nice indeed.
Love the louvred window opening mechanism.

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Hi DW.
I really appreciate the information that you and the others have provided regarding personal green houses. This thread has brought them to our attention, and it is something that we will definitely want to install.
We will be moving house in a year or two and thoughts of gardening and such have been discussed at length so that we are focused on all of our housing requirements at the time.

Maintaining a small to medium size greenhouse is something we would enjoy doing together at times as well, however I’m sure that the missus would be the principal user.
We would also require a decent height as you have suggested. Btw, if you don’t mind, what are the length and width of your unit?
Thanks, David

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The base - you can see the a hint Of the porch at the front here

The view (well, part of if it). Slightly flattered by the weather


It’s a fairly standard 6’4 x 6’6.
We used The Greenhouse People (uk) who have many styles from aluminium, wooden, summer houses, garden rooms etc.
I see you’re in Toronto, I’m sure you’ll have just as much choice.

That’s a nice size. We’ll start looking around and researching local suppliers.


If I can just add, I find the eaves height more important than the overall height. This takes into consideration that the pitch height is already relatively high in general greenhouses, but the eave height is something special to look for and more useful.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind when we start shopping around for one. High eaves makes a lot of sense.
It’s so nice being able to get advice on this from people with experience. Always very difficult to get projects just right the first time round. Kitchen renos are a classic example of that.

Some areas here have maximum height allowances, but I believe that wouldn’t be an issue if I attach it to the house as part of a sunroom addition of sorts.

My wife is unhappy I posted such an untidy picture of ‘her’ greenhouse, so I have remedied this. Calm restored.



Bruce. Just wanted to compliment you on a beautiful greenhouse extension. Outstanding! Great to see a lovely design that is well executed and far neater surroundings than ours