The Ig Nobels are announced

My favourite from this year’s crop has to be the Chemistry prize. I hope @Richard.Dane will allow a link to an open access paper

but in case it doesn’t survive here’s a quote from the abstract.
“ In order to determine whether these emissions vary predictably in response to audiovisual stimuli, we have continuously monitored carbon dioxide and over one hundred volatile organic compounds in a cinema. It was found that many airborne chemicals in cinema air varied distinctively and reproducibly with time for a particular film, even in different screenings to different audiences. ”

The Medicine prize for a paper on the effectiveness of orgasm as a nasal decongestant was also of note.


Didn’t upside down rhinos win the physics prize?

And airborne if the picture is anything to go by. I wonder if the same would hold for elephants, maybe a followup study is in order.

As a potential Ig Nobel, a comprehensive study on the influence of Ethernet cables on HiFi music reproduction would probably offer pretty good betting odds


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