The latest iOS app release 5.12 missing favourites bug

It doesn’t bode too well that QA would mean this was missed. When I open the app my favourites are missing, and only if I force quit and re-open the app will they show again. Seems to do this a lot.

I just have a Uniti Atom.

Anyone else having this issue?

Yes, happened to me this morning (Nova)

+1 with Unity Nova

Does it still happen after the re-start pf the app?

Yes. I am only having an issue with the ‘Radio’ favorites. At app strart-up, the Radio favorites tab may or not be there. Restarting the app usually fixes it. If I shut-down an restart app, again it is hit or miss if the tab is there.

Your iRadio presets live in the player (Atom, Nova) software, not in the app. It might be worth power cycling both, both off then powering the player up first & then the app.
When you say restarting the app, can you be more specific: is this a Reset that you do on the app Settings pop up screen, or do you mean a full delete & reinstall new app.

You’re right, they are stored in the Uniti, and accessing them via the remote works fine.

Restarting the app in iOS is just force quitting (double tap home button, and swipe the app up off the screen), and then launching it again. At this point it reads the favourite presets from the Uniti (until the next time that it fails).

@Mike-B and I are part of the Beta-testing - didn’t see the ‘disappearing’ presets during the extensive tests over last weeks. I just saw that @Mike-B reported this issue to the developers.
Will update this thread once we have some more details.


Yes Adam, we didn’t see it, maybe better said we don’t have it.
This looks like its a Uniti (Atom,Star,Nova) specific glitch.

Is that another way of saying there are no Uniti beta testers or that they didn’t pick it up which would be a little worrying?

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I have a ND555 and when the App was updated this morning and I opened it, the Radio Favourites switch had disappeared. Closing theApp and reopening it, it then reappeared and has stayed there since…

Just had a notification that Naim are on the case, they’ve replicated the problem & looking for the solution.

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Great to hear, thanks.

I have the same or a simmilar problem with the iOS app using my Muso Qb. The app connects to the muso but I can’t cotrol it. whatever I click it is not responding. I have tried everything, restarting, reconnecting the muso, restarting, reconnecting my iPhone, reinstalling the naim app. Then I saw an update to the naim app and thought it would solve the problem but it didn’t. I still can’t control my muso.
this is a very annoying problem since I’m stuck with only my fauvorites stations on the muso it self, and have no control over USB, network and anything else. My setup: iPhone X iOS 12.2, naim app 5.12, muso Qb
beside this problem I also have a problem with the iTunner app since it is not showing all stations for any of European countries.
P.S.: naim app is working with android.

Installed 5.12.1 earlier as it had appeared on the apple store and it still has the bug where favourites don’t show until the app is restarted (on my Nova).

Any idea what the improvements this version does bring ?

Just updated and there is absolutely no improvement whatsoever.

Yeah, no fix for this issue as far as I can see.

Perhaps it works fine with the upcoming firmware update?

Just been using Spotify on the App.

Then decided to listen to some tunes on a MacMini via Airplay, and using Apple remote, it would not switch over to Airplay.

Same problem also on iPad, iPhone with ND5 xs2. Just close app and reopen and radio list appears!