The lights are on but…

For absolutely no reason other than ‘because I could’, and with due acknowledgment that it’s childishly silly and utterly pointless, I thought I’d see how many of the LEDs I could get to light up at once on my CDX2.

Using Mike Oldfield’s HCDD remastered Amarok meant I could get the HDCD light on and get the time display on a suitably large value. Pausing it at 58:08 could get every LED apart from three on:

Could I get more to come on?


Obviously a quiet Sunday for you :smile:, I guess you would get the same number of LED’s with 28.08, but cant see how you would get more

A fair assumption, but it’s more that none of the jobs that need doing are terribly enticing!


Some might say that Mike Oldfield should remain in Pause… :crazy_face:


if you have a long enough cd then 68:08 would give you one more light

The lights are on but…

there is no one home !

It’s almost as if that was my intention in choosing that thread title, isn’t it?

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Does the previous button light up when pushed before the display gets updated?

Not quite sure what you mean, but I did have to be quick on the camera because the HDCD light goes off in pause mode (after a short, er, pause) so there’s only a short window where I could capture the pause/remote light going on (the right-hand ‘decimal point’ in the time display) before the HDCD light went out.

@NeilS will probably chime in now with some secret code of button pushes that makes every LED light up for testing purposes…


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Unlikely…if its secret.


Off course, on the LED display there is a full stop with each figure 8……:flushed::eyes:

Gosh I remember doing that as a kid with the stereo, trying to get as many of the LEDs lit as possible.

If there is, nobody has told me about it!

I usually use a Mike Oldfield CD & pause it at 58.08.


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Couldn’t you go one better by pausing at 08.08? If nothing else you’d save yourself 50 minutes of pain :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice try, but the display doesn’t show leading zeros, so it would just show 8.08.

You’re kidding me! Time to chop it in for a Rega.

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Yeah, right.

Mike Oldfield Hmmmm wine and a dooby or two and we thought he was wonderful. But then I was young and stupid!!

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