The magic of Super Lumina

Reflecting on a post in the previous forum (now available as an excellent and accessible archive - thank you @RichardDane and team for doing that).

October 2018 - I was struggling to get the musical involvement I was expecting from my NDS and, in comparison to my RP8 / Aria, it sounded rather lifeless and harsh at the top end. To the extent that I was listening to the turntable 80% of the time instead of what should have been my primary source (NDS).

Many helpful and insightful observations from members here and in the previous forum encouraged me to try various tweaks which culminated in raising the height of my rack to give the NDS and the 252 more space and the loan of an ex dem SL IC from my dealer to try instead of my NDS stock interconnect.

Almost straightaway there was a significant change. It’s quite hard to describe but the musical involvement returned in spades. The net result is that, since the installation of the SL IC, I am listening to the NDS 90+% of the time (it’s addictive) and the RP8 still sounds wonderful.

I was always instinctively sceptical about inconnects. My experience with this wonderful wire has removed those doubts from my mind entirely.

The NDS is a truly special thing and it needs careful placement and set up for it to live up to its potential. The SL IC enables this.




Interesting experience… I had a similar experience when I bought my NDS, but now I’m wondering what takes it to the next level that will get me back to listening to more music.

When I had NDX/XPSdr in my system I was using a Hi line I/C. I decided to home demo a set of S/L speaker cables they were very good indeed but whilst I had them on extended demo I asked the dealer to replace the Hi line with S/L I/C and to be honest I was taken back by the uplift the S/L had over the Hi line.

The S/L I/C was a staggering upgrade well worth the money in my system.

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Yep - I was previously of the view that cables only fine-tuned. Not anymore!



Out of interest,did you try any of the other high end cables or did you just try the SL?

Just the SL.

Me, too about being sceptical or even suspicious about spending a large amount of money on cables. The improvement was significant and worth the money

Can anyone tell me how to access the old forum? Thx

Hi, our forum archive is

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