The Mysterious Case of the Node 2

I recently purchased a Nait XS3 — my first piece of Naim gear (longtime audiophile).

A couple days ago, I noticed that my Bluesound Node 2 was creating a buzz/humm through the XS3 that wasn’t present with my previous Heed amp. The buzz persisted across all inputs, even those not connected to the node.

Unplugged for a couple days and plugged back in this evening. No buzz/humm whatsoever.

Seems that Node streamers are know to buzz with Naim amps.

Will be interesting to track if it returns.

My plan has been to keep the Node until can afford a Naim streamer.

Anyone else with similar experiences with Nodes and Naim?


seems to be an earthing issue, Naim amps expect to have a source that has signal ground connected to earth.

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Look at this


Bluesound isn’t earthed as it’s two core cable. I take it the XS3 doesn’t have a grounding switch like some Naim kit. Others use the node with Naim and have not complained about this kind perhaps they are getting ground from another component.

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Strange I have two nodes connected and have had for some time- up to two years. I’ve not had this problem on any of the Naim amps so far.

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As you say, common issue due to the node not having its own earth connection… its a double insulated unit.
I had a node for a short while running into an xs2 and it made a hissing sound. I sorted it by grounding the unused usb socket on the rear with a bastardised cheap usb lead.

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Why the heck you connected two nodes?

more than one system.

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Node in my second system of 72/HC/250 or 140. No issues at all.


Thanks everybody,

Seems the consensus in double insulation and earth ground issue.

For some reason the quietness is persisting thus far. Maybe an appliance was creating some bad interference that the node 2 is sensitive to. If it persists, I’ll move to a different streaming solution.

Maybe an ifi zen stream and zen dac 2. Hopefully the node can hold for a while.

That’s right. No grounding switch on the XS3, unfortunately. There is a phono ground for, ahem, phono purposes.

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