The Naim and Totem Thread

Totem have updated their website.

I’ve loved Totems since starting out with the Hawks, which are now paired with my Nova.

I’ve since grabbed some Forest Signatures that run with the SN2/HICAP DR/NDX2/XPS DR - very delicious.

How about yours, please share?

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I’ll start with this review of the new Totem Tribe Tower:

“A sensitivity of 89dB/W/m suggest that the Tribe will go loud with any decently powered amp, though the 4 ohm nominal impedance means that it needs to supply a solid amount of current to get the best from them. Something like PMC’s Cor or even Naim’s SuperNait 3 will work a treat.”


Google for the link, it was “moderated” although it recommends a Naim amp as a good pairing.

Personally I have enjoyed Wind, Rainmaker and Mite, though never with Naim, but with Arcam, Onkyo, Marantz and Exposure; although some models have come out quite good (Wind, Arro, Mani-2…) Totem is not holy of my devotion, there are much better speakers so they cost, not great value for money.


I started with Dreamcatchers. Those actually got my hifi journey started. Before those o was all HT. I upgraded those to Model 1 Sigs and then to Forest. Both of those got a bit to shrill sounding for me. Metal dome tweeter I suppose just isn’t for me. That and I like a bit more punch than either could provide me. I have recently owned Mites to pair with my Qute. I enjoyed those as much as the DCs but ultimately wanted a bit more punch than they could provide. What I’ve heard I’ve enjoyed but Dynaudio seems to do more fir me than Totem. I do want to hear Forrest Sigs. My understanding is they improved on the Forest and compete well with Dynaudio Contour 30, which I own now.


How did you find the Dreamcatchers, I am considering them for my Atom in a small office, they would probably be placed on a shelf or desk, no stands.

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They got me into hifi. Great sounding and play much bigger than they are. A little bass shy but for the size very impressive. Easy to place. No stands needed for them.


Totem does represent great value for money if you live in Canada :slight_smile:


Obviously, like almost all quality products, those of Totem having it, no doubt, when you do not add to them the transport cost, excise duties and all the profit overload of the supply chain; now start to add…

It’s the same with Accuphase, Luxman, and even Naim; I freaks out when I see their gear prices in Japan or UK.

I especially enjoyed the Wind, very good speakers with Exposure, :wink:

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I have Totem Tribe Towers. I power them with a SN2. Source is ND5 XS. It sounds great! I couldn’t be happier.


Hi all,
I’m considering some SH model 1 signature to pair with my NDS,282,250 and won’t have an opportunity to audition.

I am a little concerned with Spurriers comments above about them being a bit Shrill and lacking pinch.

Does anybody else have experience with the model 1 signature speaker?

Fine speakers but I think metal dome speakers are not for me. As far as lacking punch for their size they are very good and I’m a bit of a bass head. I listen to lots of rock and like to feel it at times. Especially with some metal playing.

Thanks for the clarification.

I do like my bass also, I have Sopra2 but am going into a major renovation and moving into a small house for 3 months. I would like to take my system with me. Unfortunately no room for the Sopras.

I have seen some SH model ones for sale, size would be perfect.

I have heard the forest and liked what they did, so got me thinking about the model ones. I know they will be nothing like the floor standers.

Might have to bite the bullet and go for it.



I had Dreamcatchers for a home demo to use with my leftover Rega amps in the spare room, which is 11’ square bar an alcove, they were very enjoyable with Wishbone Ash, a band that can sound rather pointless on a lot of hifi and the DCs were also good with Tool though not hitting deep bass they kept it alive. Where they were most lacking was on solo piano, I played some Scriabin through them and the big Steinway was sounding like an upright, they still kept the music together though. I sum them up as fun but I eventually bought a used pair of allaes instead.

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I tried the Totem Model 1 non-Signature about 8 years ago. At that time I have the NAC202 and NAP200. It doesn’t sound too good to my ears. Lively and fun speakers but not refined. The highs and treble are a bit spitty. The Signatures may be different though.

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Going back a few years most Totem speakers were fitted with a little blue paper sticky dot on the tweeter faceplate.

Does anyone know what that was all about ?
Was it something left over from the manufacture process or did it have some esoteric ability.
I remember reading that Totem sold a sheet of them.

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It’s a quality control sticker saying it has passed the tests from what I can determine. My Hawks had then but I don’t recall them on my Forest Signatures.

I believe they use to use the coloured dots to keep track of the date/version of the speaker. Have not seen the dots in some time on the newer models so would assume they now track by serial #.

I’m a Sky tower user in the small second system, not currently paired with Naim but the Atom is always in the back of my mind. Being in Canada, Totem offer’s pretty decent performance vs $ here & its a fairly common pairing with Naim.


I’ve got a pair of Sky’s in my second system paired with a SN2. Planning on experimenting with mass loading (sand) on the weekend. Are you mass loading yours?

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I spoke with the guy that ran the company that imports Totem to the UK at a Bristol HiFi show some years ago. I’ve forgotten his name but he explained that the speakers sounded better with the coloured stickers than without. It all sounded a bit ‘new age’ to me.

I had/have a pair of Mani-2 signatures and they are amazing but were hard on my then 250 and even get the current 500 fans whirring away during an evening listening session. I found the stickers distracting and peeled them off. Frankly I prefer the music without them.