The Naim New Classic range - Part 1

Uh, I’m struggling with this one, Steve…


And I infer from that a new 300-series power amp at some point in the future? :slight_smile:


After all the fanfare I think I’m more interested in a 300 series NSC. I hope that’s what’s coming out later this year.


Isn’t there another analog input in addition to the phono input? Is that a pure analog signal path?

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Hi @110dB Quick question re: NPX-300. Is it able to power any legacy analogue equipment e.g. SNAXO 242? Thanks.

NDX2 and NACN 272 if I’m understanding correctly.


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If Balanced XLR is the further of Naim connection, then I will pass NSC 222 and wait for balanced in & out analogue pre-amps or new SUPERNAIT with balanced in. There are many balanced out DACs or Streamers on the market so source choice is open.

And if NPX 300 can power existing sources like nDAC or NDX and also power further analogue pre-amps or new SUPERNAIT, then it is a good upgrade option.

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Apparently even the 250dr no longer has such requirements if I read correctly.

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So will the 300 series be all separates - DAC/streamer, all-analog preamp, power amplifier? Perhaps the 300 series power amplifier will be a monoblock or will have an external power supply.

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That is not what I understand, but am happy to see something that corrects me. I have a 300DR but my cables are 10m.

Frankly, I’m surprised that Naim and Focal haven’t collaborated on a streaming active loudspeaker to compete with KEF’s LS50W.


@JosquinDesPrez see above.

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Well, then it is at odds with this, which apparently needs revision. @Richard.Dane ???


which is the single choice? as I am in the same boat with current sn3/NDX2 and was all intent on adding an XPS DR - but am not clear now that this is the way forward

Im not as well versed as many on this forum on the ins and outs of various components - but this has been a fascinating thread to read and try to make full sense of in my mind

It might depend on where you want to end up. If it’s the SN3/NDX2/XPR, then adding the later is a great idea, especially if you can get it at a clearance price. The NDX2 is very good and would see you through many upgrades in the classic series if you were ever going separates.

I don’t see the 222 being better than the NDX2 as a streaming source. It will be interesting to read people’s feedbacks after demos.

Off course, switching to the new classic range is going to be very expensive if the Australian prices are similar to NZ’s.

As you have the excellent NDX2, I think building from that base is a good option and look out for good used gear or clearance sales?


thanks Mike
Yes prices here are $13500 each so a bit lofty
Endgame for me is to add a power supply to SN3/NDX2 - the sale prices here on the XPSDR lasted just a week or two and are now gone - which is surprising
After this I will only be looking for an Atom/Nova for the office - then im all done
Sounds like hunting down an XPSDR at a good price should be my priority - as current system sounds great to me


Maybe they are ensuring that they are still doing what they do best. If the core business is not working properly then it’s game over. I guess one can’t do everything

They are still on sale with one dealer here. I’d just ask for their best cash price and see what happens?

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What is the reason behind the choice of balanced input? For sure it has more market appealing but naim defended for years the choice of unbalanced because of sound reasons. Is the new solution improving the sound quality?

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Good point!

I tried Amazon Music but gave up because there was no way to even download high resolution music. I couldn’t even get their support to understand my needs here.

I have Apple Music on my Tesla but they have only recently introduced this. I’m not sure if it is possible to set high resolution for that. Also, perhaps unsurprisingly, smart playlists don’t work.

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