The Naim New Classic range - Part 1

Hi @BackToNaim,

This is not the typical mains power the amplifier takes while listening to music. This is the power playing very enthusiastically into a difficult speaker. Music is transient and the audio standard is that loud music represents 1/8 of full power. i.e. if you have an 80W amp, you’ll be using 10W on average with 113W peaks, then x2 for stereo… if playing very loud. For the input power, multiply by the efficiency of the PSU and amp combined.

Power rating
The power rating on NC 250 is based on the global certification approval spec. We run at 264VAC (240+10%) and measure the mains current while delivering 1/8th full power into the lowest rated impedance. Then multiply 264 by the mains current reading and round up. This is then confirmed and certified by an external certified test house.

The previous 250 was measured differently. Measured by the above global standard it would be approx 25% lower than NC 250.

Transformer size
Both have the same size core. We don’t rate the transformer size by VA but if we were it would be 1kVA. i.e. it would be able to continuously deliver 1kVA within the maximum permitted temp rise.

Interestingly the safety bodies also cut open the transformers to look at insulation, short circuit PSUs etc, like a crash test for amplifiers.


I am investigating what appears to be a software glitch in the NSC 222 or NPX 300: seemingly for no reason, when the devices are in standby mode, the NPX 300 sometimes goes into an infinite loop of turning on and off (you can hear the typical noise of the switch and the toroidal transformer starting to power up, only to shut down immediately, a sort of tlick-tlock).

I have noticed, but haven’t been able to reproduce it consistently, that this anomaly occurs when the NSC 222 is turned off from the mobile app while it may have been streaming. It doesn’t happen every time and often not immediately, but after a few moments from turning off.

These brief restarts don’t manage to turn on the NSC 222, only a change in the illumination of the standby button can be noticed, but the display remains off. As I can’t reproduce it every time and don’t want it to happen when the system is unattended, I am currently leaving everything on 24/7. Has anyone with NSC 222 and NPX 300 noticed the same behavior?

@110dB , do you have any idea what it might be or any tests I can perform to understand more?

@Devraj Funny you should mention imbalance with 555PS and nDac. I have an NDX2 and recently got my nDac out of storage to see what is sounded like with the NDX2. I’m looking to leave it in a week, before casting any final judgement, but my initial thoughts are that while the detail and texture certainly seem more present, there seems to be a hefty thump of more mid and lower end, resulting in a sense of “imbalance”.

I’m giving it some time so I can adjust. While the “wow” is there, the overall effect in my system and room might be a little bit too much. I’m surprised - I didn’t think that would/could be an outcome. We shall see.

I’ve read previously that some prefer the voicing with 555PS non-DR variant. I have the DR variant.

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If you lower the psu noise to much you start hearing things that should have stayed masked & inaudible. Power supplies should be matched - not just pick the most expensive.

One could interpret your reply in many ways. I’ll avoid the bait … mostly :slight_smile: But perhaps you misinterpreted my post - I was evaluating the nDac with a 555PS.

As many/most (maybe all?) here I evaluate on merit for my system in my room with my ears. The 555PS was evaluated on its merits against an XPS-DR on an NDX2. The 555PS stayed. My apologies for giving you information that you didn’t ask for :slight_smile:

But, maybe “Reassuringly expensive” is preferred, per Stella.

Anyhoo, in preemption of Richard, let’s get back to the New Classic!

NDX 2 Relay noise

May be this will help as I had also noticed this on my NDX2

I am getting my 222/300 tomorrow afternoon. The upgraded LP12 has settled in nicely over the last 5 days and I have pretty much-played vinyl exclusively due to improved SQ over rips. I am expecting that the 222 will give a similar uplift to my rips.


Hi @Akron,

I forwarded your post to our customer services last night. It’s not a bug we know of. Would you mind emailing them, they will take details and we’ll try to reproduce.



Funny, just asked Witch Hat if they can replace the connectors on my morgana XLR mono leads to XLR type connectors so I can use these leads on my NSC222 NAP300DR combination……

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Likewise. Bit of a lobster pot if you get my drift…


I know, obviously, they do Din to pseudo XLR and are about to do full fat XLR to full fat XLR. However, full fat XLR to pseudo XLR, I do not know. They usually reply promptly to enquiries. :blush:

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Good evening new classic followers!

Naim new classic NAP 250 webpage complaint
Last Saturday a complaint was posted on this forum thread. The post said that the NAP 250 webpage did not mention the NA009 power transistors. The post created quite a stir on this thread and another, causing distress for some. We took the suggestion on board and we hope this concludes the matter. We are all music lovers!


The NA009 power transistors were developed for the Statement power amplifier, they are our latest and greatest power transistors. Each batch of transistors is from a single wafer and is fully parameterised in a temperature controlled environment. Being from the same wafer makes them like genetic twins. These are then uniquely serial numbered. The parameters are fed into an algorithm and matched and sorted into groups for their respective products.

The NA009 power transistors were subsequently designed into the NAP250DR/300DR/500DR in 2015 along with the discrete regulator (DR) technology. The new classic 250 is no different in that respect and uses NA009 power transistors (and DR tech).

It was noted that the new classic NAP 250 brochure under the ‘key points’ section mentions NA009 power transistors. As do the press information packs (and dealer information packs).

Marketing have kindly updated the 250 webpage to include the NA009. This has been live for 36 hours.

The new text has gone for translation for all webpage languages.
Below shows the before and after text:



Thank you everyone for your understanding.


I really don’t know how you manage without the proof readers on here. :grin:


Will there be a Supernait 5 in the new range?

What happened to the SN 4? I must of been off the forum for a few hour… :wink:


That bolt near the start of the word ‘Pre-amplifier’ isn’t done up tight! And I believe it does say designed and made in blighty!

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It’s on a star washer for earthing…


Naim never designate a product with 4.

Great to know they take such care, i take it you may own some of the new kit, or at least seen it!!

Apart from the very rare Naim NAM 402 speakers.