The Naim New Classic range - Part 1

Very true!


And on quite a few brands the terminals are mounted on a separate ‘piece’ of material, so possibly non-conductive although hard to tell from pictures obviously.

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I thought it was down to Eddy being in the space-time continuum…

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Just wondering, the powered DIN on the NSC222, when the NPX300 is being used, does that powered DIN receive a dedicated power rail/feed from the NPX? Sorry if I used the wrong terminology. Curious if it’ll be like the Supercap-NAC52/NAC252 interface

Good question - @110dB should know.

Hi @gthack and @Richard.Dane

The 8 pin powered DIN socket on the NSC 222 get’s it’s power from one of the +/-22V PSUs on the NPX 300.

That +/-22V supply is spilt two ways:

  • One goes to +/-16.3V regulators for all the relay drives.
  • The other goes to +/-18V for the DIN socket.

Thanks for finding those @feeling_zen, @gthack and @n-lot

Good to see others have tested the eddy slot idea for speakers and like it.

(we extend this principle and use internally on Statement, on PowerLine mains plugs, AirPlugs, new classic XLR to XLR leads etc)


?? Are they different from old classic ones?

Sorry, I have my Easter holiday head on

I meant to say XLR to XLR :slight_smile:

(I’ll correct in the above post, thanks)


Enjoy your Easter break Steve.


Aye seconded.

Plus, looks like he needs a break, hope he hasn’t been on the soldering this afternoon :wink:


@AndrewH13 did you get a chance to demo at home after the HFL Naim day two weeks ago?
I wondered how you got on if you did?

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I did indeed have home demo, extended because of early problem. Had a frustrating first evening where the remote wouldn’t connect to the 222, so I couldn’t get through to the 2nd page of App setup! Learnt there is no way to move through 222 menu’s as no manual cursors onboard or touch screen. So no Roon, Radio, or Streaming service. Remote had already been paired in shop so how it wouldn’t connect, not even pair with Play button and 3 seconds on Remote’s Home I don’t know.

With dealer closed Sunday/ Monday, I was about to post here for help when I read remote was zigbee so thinking Wi-Fi had some involvement (no Ethernet in upstairs bedroom which I know would be ideal), temporarily lugged downstairs to my router connected in an awkward position, and was amazed Remote instantly worked. Ordered next day 20m Cat8 cable from Amazon, thinking Wi-Fi was still a problem, though also sure remote should have connected without!

Can only think being setup initially in shop with Ethernet had something to do with it, but still very strange?

Anyway, let’s leave my Remote story, listening with Ethernet running up the stairs, was very pleased with the match up with my PMC GB1’s. They certainly appreciated the improved Naim power, and I fell back in love with the gutsy and precise Naim sound. Same timing I remembered all those years ago with my 72/140/HCap but much more detailed. Which it guess it should with the price and advancements made recently.

Before returning, used onboard menu to setup Wi-Fi and everything worked smoothly and perfectly, so removed cable and enjoyed a final listen which clinched it.

Ordered yesterday, and due to arrive within 2 weeks😃


Great news, very pleased you managed after all the initial handshake problems to have an enjoyable demo. Anytime you have an issue, you’re welcome to ask me here. I do have all Paul’s details, so I would have given him a shout for you, weekend or not. Interesting to know if the NSC222 can be setup w/o web - the demo machine is unlikely to have been reset for each demo, anyway you got there in the end. Congrats on your order. Mine has been running constantly since it arrived, maybe just less than four weeks ago now and it is beginning to come on song - I didn’t really listen for the first two weeks. Everything I expected when I did - I jumped in, ordering without audition.

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I wouldn’t be too scared about spending your life savings :slight_smile:
Just enjoy yourself: take your favourite well-know music, find a dealer who is ready and willing to switch all kinds of boxes and cables around for you, and have fun!
To be honest, all these Naim differences are rather subtle at this price range and at the same speakers. Maybe we focus too much on these small sonic differences (which you get used to anyway) rather than just enjoying music.

Happy Easter! Listen to some Bach Kantates or Passions at this time of the year, and you forget about box 222/300/250/272/XPS/whatever :smile:


Thanks Bevo

Thanks for your wise words. I find sometimes the quality of the orchestral recording can vary more than the subtle differences between one Naim kit and another. Searching out a good CD or download can improve my enjoyment more than changing equipment. I have no particular problem with the sound of my current system, and I would only want to change for something that is a genuine improvement on what I have. I went to a concert at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday and continue to believe live music trumps CD, download or records. If I could get closer to that live experience, I would spend money on my system.


Remember that no system will get close to a live experience, no matter what people say. What matters is that it makes music at home immersive and enjoyable. If you were sticking with the 272, I’d suggest a 555DR power supply. I had 272/555/300 and it was superb, and with the 300 you really need the 555 for balance. The trouble of course is that the 272 is limited in its functionality. You are probably best to see how the pricing of the new 300 series streamer and preamp stack up, later in the year. It’s very easy to spend the savings, too easy; the key is knowing when to stop.


I attend live unamplified concerts regularly, mostly at Covent Garden these days. No system I’ve ever heard can come close to a full orchestra and chorus, etc. Various reasons not worth going into, not least of which is recording limitations and listening room size.

So yes, I completely echo the comments that the important thing in a home system is how well it communicates the enjoyment and emotional connection of the music. I guess we’re here because many of us feel Naim is one of the brands which cares about this.


Better take the NPX300 instead of the 555PS in combination with the 272. Sounds flebbercasting good and saves some money and is more future proof….