The Naim New Classic range

Thank You, ElMarko!

I’ve never heard anybody describe the Naim sound as muddy.

I’d find another dealer.


Hilarious the “salesperson” just needed to insult your partner and I’m sure their colleagues would ring a bell.


Not a very clever thing to say to an existing Naim customer, I hope he/she realised the error of their salesman ways an undertook some serious self-flaggelation that night.

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As I say… not my dealer. And also in no hurry to go back. As the saying goes, we have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason.


Dear @MrUnderhill
Thanks for that….
(a) I don’t have money to burn which means that I will not be buying any of said items at anytime soon. In fact I don’t want to lose money on my current system which is fine (and serviced/recapped towards end 2021) but will probably not team up very well with living voice speakers even though some people say they would.
(b) A fruity sound does not sound very appealing to me because maybe I have grown too accustomed to my bleached harmonics presentation, which although a bit tiring sometimes is quite enjoyable a lot of the time if that makes sense

I will see how this system performs in our place where we will retire at some stage and probably look at different speakers if the SL2 doesn’t work to my liking, but I have the impression it will be much better than where they are now. I think I will only contemplate a change in the house where we retire

I am wondering if I should start a 222/300 arrival advent calendar, counting down to the expected delivery date for mine. Also wondering whether all the Linn bits to upgrade my LP12 will arrive before or after the 222/300.

Current mood; eagerly impatient :smile:

In the meantime, I have been ordering some welcome vinyl for the Linn and downloads/CDs for the 222 :grin:


Very good to hear!

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It’s funny how a dealer can leave you with a poor impression.

I was listening to the new kit at a road show and speaking to a chap who had a nova and was looking to upgrade. We had already discussed what I had at home. He then asked what I thought of the new gear.

I told him it sounded very different. Very musical, clear, sharp and controlled. An enjoyable sound with no listening fatigue. However, I thought my gear had more detail and sounded more “live” or “real” (very similar comment to what other have said on here)

The owner of the roadshow overheard and practically bit my head off. “You cant say that or compare, it’s not burnt in yet”, “all these people trying to compare, it’s just rubbish”. I was only being polite and answering a question that was asked of me.

I’m after a 555PS soon and this dealer is only 20mins away. However, there are many dealers 60mins away and I will be taking my money elsewhere.


Yes it’s a strange approach. All a dealer really has to do is politely ask what you might be interested in, and then listen as you tell him/her what you might be keen to buy! Perhaps some gentle guidance when/if required.

I was also told that the classic kit has all sorts of legacy connectivity issues, and the new boxes have now finally solved that problem. Not my experience at all, so perplexed on this point as well!

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My dealer installed my new NSC 222 and NAP 250 this afternoon ! I am upgrading from Supernait 2 / NDX and this is a huge step up. Very easy to set up and configurate via the application. Right out of the box, the sound is great, very detailed without loosing the legendary Naim PRaT. White lights set at lowest intensity are beautiful and not distracting . Will buy the NPX 300 later this year !


Anyone with the New Classic at home. I assume the round lighting should go round to the right as you increase volume smoothly and obviously back as you decrease. Mine seems to move randomly, a number of dots at a time. Doesn’t seem right. I’ve read a number of remote issues on the Facebook groups.

Nice - just changed mine to the lower setting. Much better.

Same thing on my remote !

The remote, does not increase by one illumination at a time, to a corresponding press on the volume remote. Instead, the first four or five lights on the remote illuminate, with a corresponding press on the volume remote control, from approximately one to six presses. There was a problem with this. However, Naim have done a update, which seems to have corrected this. :blush:

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And me

That is not what I expect to hear from a dealer offering new products to an existing user of the same manufacturer!
I wouldn’t want to hear it at all regarding any products I was looking at in comparison to my existing products, but selling into the same Manufacturer, SHAMEFUL!

Thanks. - what was the issue the update corrected. Mine’s at latest firmware. The remote light pattern just seems random, not as good as the remote for my Atom.

Very nice and I suspect well-balanced system with a focus on vinyl, also in a tasteful Nordic home, doesn’t get much better than that Jussi :ok_hand:

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Thanks, Bjorn! I really think now this is a perfect combination for me.

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