The Naim Spotify/Tidal playlists

Do we know who puts the Naim playlists on Spotify (and presumably Tidal) together?

They can feature some good stuff, and someone is clearly making a laudable effort putting them together. But they don’t seem to get a mention as much as they should. I’m half way through the newest one for January, and enjoying a fair bit of it, but I only noticed because I looked at the Naim account on Spotify. No apparent mention in the recent emails from Naim, nothing that I’ve seen on the new forum or the old one.

In case anyone’s wondering, the latest one is here -

Any chance we could get a post on the forum when new playlists are released, a maybe bit about what’s on the playlists and why, from those who put them together?


That would be interesting to get that background info @Revolutionary_Dave.
I normally get wind of a new Playlist being available when I see the post in Facebook, but I don’t always see it, so as you say, a post on here somewhere might be a good heads up.
Some of the themes haven’t really been my cup of tea, but there is some good stuff intermingled in most of them.

Ah, they put it on Facebook? I barely look at that, so don’t pick up on it. Nice that they at least do that, though.

That being the case, even without the background/motivation explaining part, surely it’d only take a few seconds for whoever it is who updates the Facebook account to also copy the text as a post here.

Yep, agree.
If I see it, HQ still arent in the habit of doing a quick post about it and noone else has mentioned or
posted it, Ill post it !

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I tried searching Tidal for Naim Audio but it didn’t return any results. I did find this via a Google search, though, with live links to a playlist on both Spotify and Tidal:

Yeah, they occasionally publicise the playlists via the Connection emails. In fact your link helped me find a more up to date online version here.

But I’ve not seen a January Connection email, and it’s easy to miss the emails. All I’m suggesting is a few seconds’ effort by someone at Naim to make more of something they’ve already done - post text they’ve already written and a link they’ve already copied to the forum once a month or so.

It’s a shame if Tidal isn’t even searchable for the playlists. Even more of a reason to publicise them where possible.

l found 32 Naim playlists at Spotify under naimaudioltd and then move from overview to “public playlists”. Assume new ones are added when available.

Well, maybe one day we’ll get the kind of thing I was suggesting, but for now, this seems a good place to mention:

There’s a new playlist for February up now. This one seems to be about small string ensembles, featuring basically just two albums rather than a curated selection of tracks. Jim Gailloreto’s String Quintet, and the Allegri String Quartet playing Schubert.

Spotify link here.

I’ve been away for a bit, but it seems that a couple more playlists have been added.

Naim classics (basically a collection of some Ted Sirota’s Rebel Souls albums) -

And The Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2019 (a mixture with some good tracks, presumably as played in the Naim room at the show) -

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