The NAT02 is a step up from the NAT03 - worth a recap?

I’ve come to really appreciate my NAT03 over the last couple of years - KNKX Evening Jazz (Seattle) never sounded better (and that’s up against some solid tuners - restored Yamaha T-2, Kenwood KT8300, Pioneer TX-8500ii). But what sounds even better is my nice original NAT02. I don’t feel like much is missing when listening to the 03, but plugging in the 02 reveals immediately better dynamics, space, and dimensionality. Also, and this is contrary to what I thought I read somewhere, the reception seems generally better - though I find it hard to generalize about this in particular, with various tuners doing better or worse with individual stations here in hilly Seattle. I use them with an externally mounted Magnum Dynalab ST-2, which seems to do well. I recently bought a circular omnidirectional; we’ll see how that does. I don’t want to go all the way with a huge antenna and rotator.

I’m now on the prowl for a NAT01, but I fear I’m going to pay a lot. I may buy out of the UK as prices over here in the US is pretty extreme. I’m also considering a recap of the 02. Any opinions about either?

These tuners are so good.


Congratulations - we have a NAT01 and NAT02. They are both fantastic. When you listen to the same station in Internet Radio you appreciate the quality of the tuners even more. If it is working well and with good signal strength I would leave well alone.


I have just bought a Nat01 from my local UK dealer. As my boxes were built in 1997 and unserviced I asked my dealer to get them serviced by Naim. The service cost for the two boxes is £755. If you buy from a UK dealer you may want to consider getting them serviced before they are sent to you.

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A couple of years ago, I had problems with my FM aerial on the roof and with my wonderful NAT05. It was quite hard to work out what was going on. The aerial was sorted first. In my dialogue with Naim head office over my tuner, I received the following:

"It is possible that that some of the settings in the RF front end may have drifted off. This again can happen over time with analogue tuners.

Has the unit ever been serviced? We do recommend that Naim products are serviced every 10 years. This is especially true for units like tuners."

The Philips tuner head was replaced and the tuner serviced. It has sounded fantastic ever since.

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I have a B & O 5000 tuner parked in a cupboard upstairs and I’ve had my 01 Tuner for a good 10 years plus. Never been serviced but I expect the day will come around some time. Its regularly tuned to BBC Radio 3 during the day. FM dosn’t have the dynamic range of LP or CD but in other respects its brilliant.

Tuners and FM broadcasts are a bit of a black art. Back in the day I did a lot of homework. Definitely a good aerial keeps stereo hiss at bay - my NAT01 is serviced and the NAT02 is unserviced, because both get a good strong signal they sound good. Finding a really good aerial installer also helps (I am lucky I found one) I am amazed how good FM can be, and Naim tuners are typically quite purist.


Good luck with finding a NAT-01! They don’t come up for sale very often, presumably because their owners have no reason to part with them.

Will a UK-specified NAT work in the USA? Is the frequency band the same, or will the NAT need to be reconfigured?

(I don’t know, but I’m sure that some clever soul will know.)

I have a Ron Smith Galaxie G-17 aerial, which used to be Naim’s recommendation, but the company relocated to Spain (or somewhere in Europe), and I’m unsure whether the G-17 is still manufactured.

I believe Ron passed the cmpy over to son George (maybe he then retired to Spain)
Whatever acording to the www, Ron Smiths aerials are still in business in Luton.


My apologies if I got this wrong!

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The frequency band is the same but the de-emphasis is not, so the tuner would need a change of component by someone who knows what to do and of course the mains power is different so that would need sorting out too.

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They’re still going in Luton, but this from their website.

Early in 2010 Ron ,my father, moved on peacefully. He now has a perfect reception and clear horizons.

Nicely put :heart:


I meant to add I had Naim NA recap the 03 upon purchase - I didn’t listen to it much before sending off so it’s hard to know how much the recap helped.

I bought the 02 a couple months ago - they are a pretty good value, along with the 03 which seem to be going for ~$500 these days…to me a great Naim entry ticket. I also love the slimline olive case.

Never did care for the 03 series (Nait 3, NAT 03 and CD 3). Always felt Naim made them to a budget and not to a standard.

Flame suit on…

Just placed order for a late NAT02 - stupidly I sold mine shortly after I acquired my NAT01.
I just couldn’t resistance for my second system. Another G17 user here, which I was fortunate enough to have the late RS himself do the rig, still in great condition after two decades - probably my third rig all told. George has kept the coy going, as previously mentioned, despite being based in Spain. His pa used to live near my pa, RS in conversation on one occasion revealed that he was a keen Puccini opera fan.
Anyone with a query with a Glaxie rig, George is, ime very helpful; my original down-lead suffered probs which he diagnosed over the phone - water ingress which a new down-lead addressed.


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