The new 2.16 Android App Bugs!

I use the new 2.16 Android on several different devices.
In all of the devices, the App don’t show text on search results.
If you search for an artist or title, you may choose only by the artist picture or the album art of the title.
If you want to go back and try another option from the blinded search results, you would have to start the search from the start.

When you play a track or a playlist, there is no text - title and artist names, only artwork.!

The volume and track progression sliders don’t work!

These bugs are only in the Android App. The iOS, is OK.!

I’m on 2.16 of the Android app here and it looks fine

If the app did an in-place upgrade, try clearing cache and if that doesn’t sort it uninstall then re-install. My install was a fresh install yesterday.

I’m surprised. I installed the App on a brand new Samsung tablet, with no cache to clear, and the problems are the same. The same in the old Lenovo tablet.
In my Samsung S9, I cleared the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled, but no use. The same problem.

Strange, I took delivery of my ND5XS2 yesterday so it was installed for the first time on my Huawei P20 Pro phone and Google Pixel C tablet as well as the other half’s Huawei P30 Pro phone and it works fine on all three devices. Sorry I can’t be any more help but if three different devices are all working fine here and on none of yours it sounds like it might be some sort of issue with your LAN? Wouldn’t have a clue what though.
What happens if you install an older version of the app?

I would but I can’t find an older version of the app

They’re not hard to find on mirror sites. You’ll only get the latest version from the Play Store.

What Naim product are you using the app with? Could be that it is a product specific bug? Other users of the same product might help rule that out.

I have a UnityQute.
How can I find a mirror site?

Hopefully this doesn’t contravene forum rules, just use your favourite search engine and search for Naim app apk

Works OK on my Samsung S9+.

Thank you all.
The reason for those problems were incompatibility with Hebrew as a default language in my Android devices. The moment I changed it to English, these problems were vanished.
I hope that Naim technical stuff would fix it for the next App version.

Glad you figured it out, I never even thought about the language on the device

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