The next rung on rhe ladder and scary system pic

Been building the enclosure to my new HiFi adobe and now the new HiFi is arriving…as you can see the new Ikea and diy wood supports are holding up the NDX2 and the arrived today 2006 555ps curtesy of the guys at Tom Tom. Thanks Henry its leaps and bounds better than the NDX2 alone already

Townshend Fractels and Allegri plus, Mark Levinson 33hs and a new pair of Kef Ref5’s get the music out.

Platforms here tomorrow before woodworm sets in…

When Max has finished fiddling an Enigma will join the team.

Just thought it would be a bit of levity to show would be Naimers that it is possible to mix and match…

Service for the 555ps and MLs next year

HD 555 in 2021.

If I have the patience

Very happy already


That’s a lot of expensive kit to keep in the garden shed.


Summerhouse… 70mm t and g walls…interesting to set the kefs up…long base tubes or short?

At the moment its short, as an old hand you better than anyone will know Naim gear goes thru many guises before peak performance us attained

lovely wood blocks under your components. Where can i buy the same ? :star_struck::partying_face:

Nice system however. These Mark Levinson look serious !

PS: you must absolutely put off these awful wood blocks. Your high end system deserves better.

That’s the first time I have ever seen an audio system in a sauna :person_in_steamy_room:‍♂, complete with bare toes.

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the positive aspect : no WAF here.

This is more like it lads :sunglasses::sunglasses:

The wood blocks are randomly cut from wickes and will hopefully be replaced by a delivery from Townshend Today.:crossed_fingers:

The Levinsons are something Ive hankered after for years and came via a Website with plenty of HiFi choice :thinking:.

The Kef are b grade, looked all over to find the scratches but noticed that the left hand side one was advertising for visitors in italian…

The only new stuff is the NDX2…fabulous piece of kit…with the non DR non Serviced 2006 555ps.

Servicing next year.

Wood blocks for the wood burner…although the Levinsons warm the place up nicely…


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