The Polarbear (Nigel)

Thank you Sir. Bear I really need to start exercising again. Your travails have motivated me to get off my ass! Get well ❤️‍🩹


Thats great news Mark and well done for getting off your backside, I have now been checked and double checked and the good news is there is no damage to my heart and after a week, I am free to go and get on with my life. I was expecting a long list of do’s and don’t and when I ask questions about changes the consultant said I can just get on and enjoy life. I consider myself very lucky albeit a bit disappointed in allowing myself to be in this position. I am determined not to do that again and if I have helped people make the same choice then thats great news.


Glad to hear the good report, Nigel. I know others have taken your experience to heart (no pun intended) and hopefully, we will all stick with the actions needed.

People often like to argue (especially in this country) about being provided “healthcare”. Personally, I think that is an abuse of the term - what they are talking about is “medical care”, because “healthcare” is not something that someone else can provide for you, it is something we must provide for ourselves in the form of exercise, proper eating, adequate sleep, stress coping mechanisms, etc. That is healthcare - another person like a doctor can provide sick care, and can even give you advice regarding your healthcare, but the latter is our responsibility to ourselves and our loved ones…nobody else can give it to us.


My weight is stable but muscle bulk has depleted, replaced by fat. Small things add up, working at home I perhaps do 3000-4000 fewer steps than I would have each day commuting, parking and walking to my office 1/2 mile away and back.

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AC, you point out another factor that I have also experienced - in addition to my body weight increasing, I have clearly lost muscle mass. Just as a measure of muscle mass and strength, a year ago I could bench press 100 kg for multiple repetitions (5-8 depending on how I felt that day, day of the week, phase of the moon - lol). Now I doubt I could do it once…and even trying would likely be injurious.

So I not only have more weight, but less quality body composition. And it won’t be as easy to come back as it would have been 20 years ago…hell, even 10 for that matter. And good heavens, I look like crap…so fat.

I think so many of us just need to start with small steps and it builds.

My main pre covid exercise was tennis 4-5 times a week - beginner to intermeidate stage group/drill classes, nothing fancy just fun and interaction with others of fairly similar ability, and a few coaching sessions which taught me how to move around the court more efficiently.

Although I used to use the gym in fits and starts, the only ‘machines’ I ever really enjoyed were Life Fitness cross-trainers until they got better models with different ‘strides’ that no longer worked for me.

It has to be fun and it has to be practical for me these days.

I have a few kettle bells at home but don’t really like them.

Just got another steel mace - they seem very ergonomic as basic weights to isolate muscle groups even if you don’t do the holistic swinging around.

Metallica is ALWAYS the music of choice! Start with “Kill 'em All” and work thru the back catalogue all the way up to “Hardwired”

Get well soon, lad :metal:t5:

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I’d probably start with this, not for the outcome, it just resonates with what life should be about:

When I was a practicing chiropractor, I of course encouraged people to exercise/be active. Many would ask “Well, what should I do?” My answer was always, “What do you like?” Because if there isn’t at least some level of enjoyment in the activity, it will never stick.

Good luck with resuming tennis, and we will all be looking for you at Wimbledon next year! :slight_smile:


Thanks for supplying the updates and great to hear that the outcome is a darn sight more positive than the original prognosis - speedy recovery!

Love it.Seen Rammstein a few times Absolutely nothing like em live stunning. Enjoy everyone. Stay safe

Here we go I start a thread because I’m really concerned with regard to the well being of my buddy and it degenerates into a tribute to Metallica and Rammstein, I’ll know better next time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well done, I am pleased for you :slight_smile:

Thanks Paul, the best two moments of my stay inside where being told I only need the one stent, I did fear the cut and shut bypass. The second being when the doctor stated there was no damage to the heart.

Obviously being told I had suffered a heart attack was sole destroying and I feared the worst, the psychological damage is immense. I thought my life was over but day by day the long term outlook is getting better :slight_smile:


So great to hear that. Be well Nigel and just don’t take up anything crazy in your quest for fitness ha ha! Cheers!


Well done dr mark

Ahem! No next time…. :grinning: :+1:


Yes. Sometimes less is more :crazy_face:: especially when it comes to work hours and stress

That’s fantastic news PB - you must be delighted after such a stop you in your tracks shock. Best wishes for a straight line recovery and I think that was great advice earlier about finding exercise you truly enjoy. The number of times my osteopath has suggested exercises to me, none of which appeal…!


Ah, but this is how conversations go in real life , start on one thing move on to another , the important thing is that Nigel is back, HH is back- the forum is in a good place. The forum is a good place