The Power Of Marketing

The re-launch of Leak by IAG garnered quite a few comments and gradually died the death.

Well this is how one chain is marketing them, note how they have been combined with Wharfdale Retro styled speakers so that the total becomes more than the sum of the parts.

This is what Feelling Zen said at the time .

Style over substance?
On one hand style is very personal and subjective; yet on the other it may be objective once it’s quality is analyses.
I may like the look but hate the sound …

Hahal But if I’m honest, it does look nice.


Sorry I couldn’t reply , but the topic was closed.

I could easily somebody walking into a shop , liking the look and buying. Perhaps a newbie to HiFI and I suspect they could do far worse. At the end of the day, audio systems are part of the living environment

We have a thread on system pics, this is the logical (or many would say illogical) conclusion

Yes , it really does look nice .

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I still have my first pair of proper speakers - Wharfedale Dentons. They are surprisingly good, considering. But I think I’ll hang on to my Ovator S600s. Unless I win the lottery… Oh, wait - don’t you have to buy tickets for that, or something?

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Not unless its the N******n National Lottery (which I have won several times - without needing to buy a ticket)

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Yes, indeed. I have so many relatives I knew nothing about in that country.

Pffft. Well I’m pen pals with a prince in that country. He even let me in on an investment opportunity.

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You too? Such a humble fellow, although the photo he sent of him driving a Bentley Continental in the savannah raised an eyebrow…

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