The power of nature

Can’t say I’ve seen such vivid footage before:

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Get used to it I guess. Likely sea level rises over the next 80 years will dwarf stuff like this.


Thanks for cheering me up :flushed:




A matter of concern …

One of your stand out posts @frenchrooster


Nature claiming and recovering, increasingly, its own…; democracyless and unnegotiated…

‘The power of nature’ could easily be ‘the idiocy of man’. Despite the lockdown CO2 levels are at a record high. In the U.K. we had the hottest May on record. The weather is getting stranger and stranger. Do we have the will to change? Is it all simply too hard?


I must admit I have always been astounded by the traffic figures presented during lockdown.

Can’t remember exact figures but I assumed they would fall dramatically, perhaps to under 10% of normal with only essential traffic and those key workers having to go to work.

From memory figures at best were 40% of normal traffic.

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Mpw, I don’t understand what you try to point to me. One of your stand posts? What does it mean ? Thanks

Standout posts = exceptional posts

In a good way…

Why so serious buddy ? :slightly_smiling_face:

I see your music system has gone for a service :grinning:

An acquaintance from my school days is a skipper of a ferry in US Virgin Islands. The met office there, he says, are warning of 10-15 hurricanes this season, a third of which may be severe.

I am not serious Mpw, just didn’t knew the meaning of that expression. I know you are always positive, so I had no doubts :smile: .


Nature Represented by the North Sea is eating Albion on a daily basis.

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