The prof still has Naim

Brian Cox’s latest tweet



Do love his talks though :+1:t3::rofl: ATB Peter



Another fade technique ?

Looks Qute.

Ideal warmth for cats

It’s called polydactylism. Just looked it up.

Brian Cox literally opened up new Worlds for us we’re both big fans of what he does and hope he enjoys his Qute. I’m about to get one for the third time a Mk1 96/24 this time.

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I think he runs a pair of Audionote speakers.

If only he got a Statement, a few on here would be all over him!

Strangely sour comment serving no purpose.

What a nifty bit off kit didn’t know naim did that (before you criticise I don’t read many hifi mags) looks a fun bit off kit and can be used as a pre with power amp I bet with the 100 it would be a cracking little set up

I chatted to him one drunken Friday on Twitter after Bowie had died and he said his Naim 250 had tripped the overheat protection so I informed of the 300 having a cooling fan. Seemed a sound fella.

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And another today


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