The rebirth of the integrated amplifier: what would a Statement Supernait look like?

…or MegaNait!

Not sure I see a plethora of retro integrateds. Certainly integrateds are no longer seen as a mere budget stepping stone to high end audio. Many are now the real deal end game amp. The variety of stylings simply shows what a growing market it is.

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A Statement Streamer might not be such a pipe dream. Just saying :thinking:

Active Focals would work brilliantly with the Atom HE, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Nova HE on the roadmap too, the replacement 272 has been too long coming. Matches made in heaven for the Naim/Focal partnership?

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Neither was the CD555 at the time, but then again many people were not so enthralled with it and preferred the CDS3 at the time, others were obviously pleased with the step up of the CD555 over the CDS3.

My family is from West Yorkshire. “You’ll ‘ave what you’re given lad, an’ like it.”


Could Naim take a standard SN3 and improve it very much without breaking into pre / power? A milled from solid Aluminium case would be quite wasteful and expensive with that size enclosure.

Would be nice to see a premium shoebox integrated in the same enclosure as the Solstice phono stage, but I assume it couldn’t be all that powerful.

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There already are active Focals, I believe. Not heard of anybody using them with Atom HE, though.


Good point Roger, I wasn’t aware so looked them up but they all appear to be for the studio/pro audio space?

New gorgeous Aavik I 880 integrated. A kind of Statement integrated, at 70k . I add it for my 2023 dream only purchases.


You don’t need to wear glasses to read the front panel of that amp


And ofcourse it doubles as central heating. A little bit to big to fit on our furniture :joy::joy:


Or this perhaps :thinking: ATB Peter


Apparently, from the specs, it doesn’t run very hot. From what I read. Despite being class A.

What about the ‘Steam Punk’ alternative?


Yes please.

Going back to the main thread though, I wasn’t aware high end integrateds ever went anywhere. Pretty sure they’ve been with us the whole time. Just maybe hidden from view before the interweb made every product line of ever manufacturer easily knowable.

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What would rhe point be as the it is the size of 3 boxes?

But look at the size of it!


Not bigger than 4 boxes of 552/500…. You put it on the floor, on a floor stand, add a digital source, and you are done.

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I would