The right table for Muso 2?

Hi all, after some advice about best surface or material for a table for my muso 2. Does it sound better if the subwoofer on the last hand side, on the bottom, over hangs, so it doesn’t vibrate straight into the surface? Or am I over thinking it? And looking at a solid teak table but with hollow metal legs, do you think the legs could affect the sound maybe? Or I could fill them with sand if that happens maybe? Any advice much appreciated!

i have mine on a table - with grill at front edge of table to avoid reflections from table surface. not sure what you mean by overhang - is the perspex base fully on the table?

Thanks mate. Haven’t bought it yet. When you lift the unit up there is the subwoofer on the left hand side and was thinking might reverb off the table and could sound better of overhanging it

Mine sits slap bang in the middle of a slab of marble resting on a couple of old target stands. Sounds just fine.

I have a QB2 so not exactly the same but did experiment with positioning. It produces an admirable bass and settings + position did make a difference. I decided it sounds best on a solid wood type furniture (e.g. big chest of drawers) with a bit of distance to corners but not too far. Tried desk, speaker stand, glass but did not prefer it although I imagine the Muso 2 might sound good on a stand with more space around it?

It’s designed to be used on a flat surface. Something nice and solid that won’t vibrate would seem ideal.

Has anyone taken one to Mana level 13?

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