The slowest piece of music?

A performance of a John Cage organ piece has just changed chord for the first time in seven years:

A nice example of John Cage’s sense of humour and originality.



Is this piece available on CD?


I suspect it might be a boxset.

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Streaming only …?

Whole piece lasts over 600 years so perhaps of interest to immortals only? Mind you, next chord change is in 2022 so fairly zipping along.

Noting new. The local puritans sing that slow :slight_smile:

Who says a piece of music can only be listened to if the whole piece can be heard?

Apparently it is only 8 pages long. It started with a rest that lasted 18 months.

Well, you shouldn’t rush a good performance.

You are right. I stand corrected.

Not sure, but I did once see a CD of Cage’s 4’33” for sale in a music shop. Even better, you can now treat yourself to a box set of 50 different performances of Cage’s piece. Ideal for a quiet night in?


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Assuming that slow can also be low in variants try Erik Satie’s Vexations. Small hint: it is in the sense of Satie not to take to much care about music. It is absolut fine to leave the room inbetween, or even the house … :wink:

I have been to a concert in the 90’s and audience has been asked to count, and so did I, it took some concentration to count properly :grin:

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