The Sound Of The Hagia Sophia, More Than 500 Years Ago

This is a pretty remarkable.


many thanks for that - it is fascinating - i checked and the resultant album is available on tidal - “lost voices of hagia sophia” but read the article first for the how


Fantastic. One of my favourite buildings too, and one that nicely illustrates religious tolerance as well. Ioved the sense of age and space within.



The 48/24 bit flac is stunning, it is all on youtube so you can cast the mp3 to newer streamers to check it out for free.
Istanbul is a stunning city!

No fun in the snow though, I lived for a year on the Asian side.

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Somewhat reminiscent of the BBC R4 programme featuring Susanne Sundfor and ‘her’ Oslo, which had a soundbite on the Vigeland mausoleum; a hard surface space in which the reverberation time constant is measured in 10s of seconds.

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