The Super Supernait 3 is here!

The Supernait 3 with SuperCap DR, that is …

From a little search here I could find some good varied views and not too much actual experience so after having lived with these two for a little while, I thought I’d put this down in a separate thread.

Just to be clear upfront - I’ve settled on the Supernait 3 as a solution for my main system, I like it a lot, it drives my speakers in my room with ease and even pleasure, I am impressed how its well integrated phono works with my Planar 8, it’s a gem really. I am not looking to go separates (been there), so for me this is not really about rationalising options, costs, pros and cons of Naim separates upgrade path algorithms etc. but just exploring to see (and not miss) the best of my current setup.

Not every PSU upgrade has also worked the same for me in the past, e.g. the XPS DR on the NDX2 was slightly underwhelming to justify it. The HiCap DR with the SN3 did help organise music a bit better and added some depth for a relatively reasonable price. Then however, if one is to add an additional PSU and another black box, how about a more … ultimate one, the SuperCap DR? I know many might say it’s not wise, not exactly designed for it and probably not worth it? May be all true. And it might not work out the same in each setup depending on the rest of the system and if the speakers would be capable to translate all the extra goodness into better music? But then not so many have tried?

So I did. But did it improve sound, how and, more importantly, by how much?

Technically, to describe the addition of the SCDR to the SN3, one can use the whole superlative audiophile vocabulary and it would probably be all about right. But for me, more than that, adding the SCDR brought a whole different overall feeling about the music after the bare SN3 or with the HCDR. I was planning and sat tight to capture all things hifi, dissect and be critical (VFM, it blxxdy costs!) etc. but was so completely taken by the first notes that all of this hifi analytics felt silly. What the SCDR really did was make music so much more natural, so full of life and energy and just beautiful. Very beautiful. Very disarming. I thought may be something in the combination with the immediacy and groove (a bit Nait2-like) coming from the Atom HE? I then played some records on my Planar 8 … hm, same!:slight_smile:

I am impressed both with the SCDR and, at the same time, with the SN3’s potential, perhaps something for Naim to consider if the SN4 could make even more use of the SCDR? Personally, now that I know how the SuperSuperNait 3 sounds like, I will be treating these 2 boxes as one organic whole thing.


The Supernait 3 will only be using 2 of the 12 available power rails that a Supercap DR has. It is therefore under utilised. The Hicap supplies 2, 2 Hicaps 4. The Nac 282 can use 4 power rails which is why 2 HiCaps are recommended. And the 252 needs the Supercap as it needs to use all 12 power rails.

So that is not to say that a Supercap DR won’t sound better on a Supernait 3 than a HiCap DR. But it is overkill at the price point.

That being said if you love the sound, then that’s all what counts.

At this price point a different integrated amp may sound better than Naim Supernait 3 and Supercap DR combination.

It would be interesting to switch it back to a HiCapDR and then compare the differences. The Supercap DR should sound better than the HiCap DR with the Supernait 3. Be interesting to know the reasons for this.


The HiCapDR was gone (and had to) after a few days

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@garcon well done, enjoy your music.



Now just go ahead and add that NAC 282 to that SN 3…

you know you really want to… ‘Resistance Is Futile’


Haha, Stop it!

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Add a Nac 252, Nap 300DR surely. Make use of those power rails @garcon :joy:


Nice to read this! I had a similar experience when trying the SuperCap (non DR) for the first time with my SuperLine. This was with just a SNAIC, so only 2 power rails in use. Adding the Burndy with more power rails made sense, but IMHO it was a smaller step up in musical enjoyment than going from HC to SC with just a SNAIC.

Who would have thought SN3 can do that.
Having heard 282/HC, 282/SC, 252, 552 and others, I believe the effect (and VFM) of preamp improvements depends a lot on how good your sources are. So this means you must have good ones! :slight_smile:

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Well done, you have the best two boxes electronics of Naim now :+1:
I remember some months ago when you were saying that you will never change over your Nait 2 or 3 integrated.


Interesting. I’ve often wandered what a SuperCap DR would bring to my SN3 over a HiCap DR. Plus all of the boxes would be the same size in the rack.


I believe the SC is clearly offering the SN3 its best power rails, while also enough additional rails for it to hold onto! :star_struck:
@frenchrooster - yes, both going strong (and stronger!!)


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