The "Thank you Clare and Richard and other Naim staff" thread

A place to appreciate the tireless support from Clare and Richard (and other Naim staff) on this forum. In particular for showing a lot of patience whilst repeating the same explanations for delivery problems in many and varied ways!

I mean this both genuinely, I really appreciate the time and effort spent, whilst also not wishing to take away from buyers’ disappointment that things are taking longer than they would like.

Genuine expressions of appreciation only, if I can ask that, please :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks!


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I’d particularly like to give my thanks to those working on the software side; the app and the streamer firmware. A lot of abuse has been aimed at the software, the vast majority of which is totally unjustified. Some of us are part of the beta group and the Naim guys are just great, going above and beyond to make improvements, working all hours and being incredibly responsive. Clare is of course one of the directors and Richard is our beloved forum leader. But behind the scenes are men and women working really hard, designing, building, testing, packing, shipping and all the rest, and it’s really them that deserve the gratitude even more than those at the public face. No disrespect to Clare or Richard of course, but I’m sure they’d agree.




Yes thanks to Clare, Richard and everyone at Naim! Especially in these covid times. That Naim can produce products in this environment is great.


I’d echo the thanks to Clare and Richard, they provide lots of information in a friendly way. I’d like to extend my respect and thanks to @Stevesky for his frequent appearances to answer software questions and his regular support for issues on radio stations, and to @NeilS who pops up at all hours of the evening and night to help people with thorny support and service issues, going well above and beyond. Credits to the company.


And Jason Gould and others who are great Ambassadors for the brand.


I wonder how many firms have such a close relationship between staff and customers whilst still strictly dealing through authorised dealers only?


Very kind of you to say so! :heart:


As some may remember, when I first joined the forum I was pretty unhappy with my Star. I seem to have stepped right into firmware bug city with my usage patterns.

Two years later I am happy as a peach and have bought the Atom HE as well.

Yeah, I swim at the shallow end of the Naim paddling pool, but I think my situation is a testament to the Naim dedication to their customers. ESPECIALLY as this dedication is not reserved only for, say, Statement owners!

All companies make mistakes, but it takes a great one to fess up to them, connect head on with the customers and do their damndest to fix the issues.

So a big hat tip to the Naim folks here keeping this running and making it such a solid forum that manages not to quash user comments but still perfectly avoids turning into Mos Eisly.

And, as a software dev myself, a special hat tip to the software folk at Naim. You rock.


Big :hearts: to the already mentioned Clare, Richard, NeilS, Stevesky, you are lifesavers and heros. Many thanks also to Will, tomvamos, and everyone on the Beta thread. Last not least big thanks to everyone in the factory for the music and sound I’ve been enjoying these past months!


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Echoing the above, many thanks Clare and Richard and all at Naim. My experience has been deeply positive.

I remember being encouraged about refurb Naims from the FB Naim group by Clare. Fast forward two months or less, I’ve moved up to a Nova.

I proposed to Clare in another platform to maybe host a meet and greet - I’m sure when things are safe, they’ll organise one.


“I proposed to Clare…”

Um…does her partner know about this?!

Thank you so much Clare, Richard and the Naim Team. You rock!


Hear, hear!

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As someone who has owned Naim equipment since around 1981, I would like to extend the thanks to all the staff from the very beginning right up to now. Together they have all worked together to create the wonderful range of Naim products we all (mostly) love. And this forum is the icing on the cake, an oasis of sanity and politeness within the wildness of the internet.


We’ve had various small forum gatherings and visits at the factory over the years. Of course, Covid has rather put such things on hold for now , so here’s hoping they can return at some point in the future.

p.s. I’m sure I can speak for all at Naim - thanks to everyone for the kind words!



Yes, a good thread idea. Many thanks Clare, Richard and the Naim staff. Huge amounts of patience required to keep the forum ship shape and working smoothly. The Solstice thread a prime example! Keep up the good work folks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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