The thing that should not be? - olive Supercap on 252

Good people - I discovered (!) today that Im powering my NAC 252 with an Olive SuperCap.
This works fine. It seems.
But - information on different forums indicate that I may be mistaken and that you should not use a Olive SuperCap for the 252.

Will something brake? - or will the sound be better if I switch to a SuperCap 2?

You shouldn’t use an Olive XPS with the later network players, but I don’t recall there being an issue with using an Olive Supercap and later preamps.


No problem using an Olive Supercap on a NAC252. Nothing will break and it will work very nicely. It may sound slightly better with a later Classic Supercap but most things remained the same so any improvement will be marginal. Of course the current Supercap DR would likely give you a nice upgrade over either.


Thank you - good to hear.

I bought the olive SuperCap to power my Prefix and I recall having it serviced by Naim.
Not sure.
Can Naim tell me the service history based on the seral number?

They certainly can.

If you supply the serial number then Naim should be able to tell you whether it has been back to the factory for a service in recent years.

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@Mike_S have now a 252 with an olive supercap. He is very satisfied.

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