The times they are a changin’

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Ok, I’ve joined the dots but it makes no sense… :crazy_face:

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Ok, Infra red goggles on…

Sorry, i was bored…:roll_eyes:


Impressive sleuth work!

I have 2 new boxes.

A dac and a streamer…

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New camera next?


Well, I could’ve switched the light on.

But that would be too easy.

I could have checked your profile but THAT would be too easy. Enjoy it!:sunglasses:

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Sounds much more real.

‘More flat earth and simultaneously more round earth’ as Malcolm Steward said in his review of the Naim DAC.

Thank you
Thank you @Richard.Dane
Thank you @frenchrooster
Thank you @Xanthe
Thank you @HiFiman
Thank you @Bluesfan
Thank you @Nagual
Thank you @Simon-in-Suffolk
Thank you @marcusman
Thank you @charlie.henderson and all the brilliant people at Naim…


I still have no clue what the new components are, why the mystery?

Looks like a ND5XS2 and a Naim DAC ?


Hi, not sure what I did to help, but you are welcome and hope you are enjoying your new streamer and DAC.

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nDac and ND5XS2 ?


Some impressions Jim?

Yes, Hifiman and James N. are correct.

ND5XS2 and nDAC/555DR, using the bare 272 as preamp.

Wonderful separation of instruments and players and sense of the space where the music was played.

But also very musically coherent and engaging.

Just set it up last night, so I haven’t had time to set up a Qobuz trial yet.


So many choices @JimDog.

If a 272 replacement doesn’t appear then I could consider non Naim stuff if/ when I upgrade. Even sell the 272 and power supply and buy something like a Chord Dave direct into my 250.2 which others have done. I’m not in any rush though as the set-up I have is pretty good.

Wondering if you tried any other options, or just wanted to stick with Naim (and why not).

I’m very busy for the next couple of days, but yes there are always tough decisions to be made on gear.

Just to clarify, the “(and why not)” comment in my post meant there is nothing wrong with sticking with Naim, not asking for a detailed breakdown of your decision process…however if you would like to elaborate I’d be very interested!

Take your time to respond, and test when you will have time and desire to. Nd5xs /Ndac / 272/555dr vs Nd5xs2 /Ndac /555dr/ 272.

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Just wait until you hear it with some nice Qobuz content. You’ll have a hard time doing anything else. Congratulations again.

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One of the things that I like of the old nDAC is that is reliable and inconspicuous and that it does not need updates every second day. It also has a lot of inputs :slight_smile: and sounds very good.