The Tomato Soup Wotsits Challenge?

Has anyone on here taken up the Chanel 4 Sunday Brunch Big Gary Tomato Soup and Watsits challenge ?
I’ve tried it and love it.:heart::+1:


Not heard of the show/challenge, but I don’t watch much TV these days.

Suspect it’s tasty - tomato soup with cheesy wotsit croutons - suspect my son would like that though he’d probably resist black pepper and Worcestershire sauce.

Sorry channel 4 is way of my tolerance level

Think I’d rather eat the bowl.

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I’d like to see that :slight_smile:


You seem to crap on all my TV posts.

@anon42639158 being from Worcestershire - sauce for me is a must in tomato sauce and some tomato based sauces, I even add a little into Sheperds pie

but try the wotist - cheesey crutons why not!!

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You should try peanut butter and Marmite on toast.
Tastes just like dry roasted.

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How timely is this?
Only a couple of weeks ago I was talking over the back wall to a couple of my neighbours, ladies of a younger generation.
I said I was going in to prepare dinner.
Boiled spuds and all. But I told them to improve the look of the rather plain boiled spuds, I usually throw in a few Wotsits.
Yes, chuck in a few and the lovely golden orangy colour gets absorbed by the spuds. Makes a rather dull looking vegetable into something entirely different.
They laughed but it didn’t take a lot to convince them I was serious.
Anyway, to cut a long story short … they tried it and for the life of me, I can’t work out why they weren’t impressed with the results. :joy::joy:

Tried that in a children’s home in 1971.
The kids went mad for it :sunglasses:

I know, who on earth would eat that sht.

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It is one of the national dishes of the country to the North of England


Really, they’d be a heart attack in each mouth full. :thinking:

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Pete - it gets worse. Credit to the StaplefordCommunityGroup for this image:

I’m not sure if the delicacy that is a Cadbury’s Crème Egg is found down-under?

No dietary guidance needed.



We do have them here, they usually arrive in stores on Boxing Day, but deep fried , no. But we’re pretty good at adopting stupid ideas so it probably won’t be long.

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