The UK Hi Fi Show 2023

I went to Ascot Friday + Sunday, some fun listening on the Nagra/SME rig but otherwise left feeling a bit like you’d gone a day early and it was still being setup. Very spread out across multiple floors and in many cases systems that seemed to only be there to show how loud something could go. The Dali Kore’s sounded way too loud and were off putting as one example. The conversations were more interesting than the kit in most cases, including the chap from Nagra. I felt almost out of place, like popping to a Rolls Royce dealers on the way to Lidl on a Saturday shopping run.
May try to get to Daventry show next weekend if time allows, that was a decent mix last year, the Bayz Audio speakers were a highlight.

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The restored Garrard 301 with the 12" SME tonearm looks very classy indeed. I assume that it is a Loricraft product.

One for our esteemed Moderator Mr Dane, methinks!

(Not that I would ever change from my LP12/ARO!)

Those Node ‘feet’ did have a very noticeable impact, impressed.

Which day, Saturday or Sunday? I have a weekend pass

I also have tickets for both days, but what about Saturday?

Suits me. Did you say 13:00. I am staying at a pub next to a canal about 10 miles away Saturday night so I will get to show probably by 11:30am, have a quick look round then meet up at bar. Will probably slope off after 15:30 and get back to show first thing Sunday.

Yes Saturday 1pm in the main bar on the ground floor, all welcome.

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Some pics from the UK Audio show 2023.


Third shot down is that a new PMC IB2 like speaker with ribbon tweeter?

I was there Saturday and frankly these photos + the DeVore speakers , Cultured Audios room- Naim Streamer , valve amp and Tannoy , the Alphason room , Falcon Acoustics and Bricasti room would cover the whole show .

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It’s the new Kerr Acoustics speaker.

I dont know what you thought but I wasnt keen on the Devore speakers.

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Anyone listen to any Falcons? If so, which and how were they?

Agreed, they were quite interesting but I came to realise or notice that the music played on them was very similar as in carefully chosen to suit the speakers . Glad I heard them which is what HiFi shows are about I guess
Nice vibe , smaller rooms used by fewer exhibitors sums it up for me

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Falcon room . Not as good as last year . A new model T27 tweeter 110 mid and a round base driver .

They look interesting, thx

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I really liked them. I’ve heard all of the Kerr Acoustics speakers at different shows including the really big ones a couple of times and have always been impressed.

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I was there today and really liked them too, though the room was really noisy with people talking loudly behind which was quite annoying.

Surprise of the show for me was ZinAmp, anyone have a good listen to them? Had a lovely sound, aiming for the 70s/80s vintage sound but with modern class A design. Very interesting, and inexpensive.

Was nice to see the new classics in the flesh, they look fantastic. Wasn’t that impressed with the sound though, something in the setup or speakers mustn’t have been right, upper mids had an edge I didn’t like at all. They did say they were feeding it from a usb stick … strange way to showcase their speakers :thinking:

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What did the pure audio project speakers / room sound like?


I wouldn’t see that as a problem. Sounds as good as playing through the server input on any Naim streamer I’ve heard.

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