The UK Hi Fi Show 2023

I noticed a lot of the rooms at the UK Audio Show were using the LucasAudioLabs streamer which was a make and product I’d never heard of before but was clearly flavour of the month.

Not cheap at around £16,000 plus for the streamer and separate power supply.

So going to make the journey up north this sunday. Never been to the wam show before but was going the year covid hit and cancelled everything.
So anyone else from here going ?

I’m going, It’s fairly close to me (an hour away) which makes a nice change.

I’m an hour further North than Barnsley (where the show is).

I would of invited you to stay over on Saturday night as we currently have an empty four bed detached house next door but it’s another hour North and the house currently doesn’t have any heating or hot water as the water cylinder needs changing after a leak.

Anyway, not been to the Wam show before so it will make a nice change.

My favourite show I’ve been to is the North West Audio show at Cranage - next one is 22–23 Jun 2024, I’ll definitely be going to that one.

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Should see you there sunday then

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Just seen your post.I will be going. Last chance to take Boxster out before Winter SORN!

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What is actually on? Long time since I looked at the site but when having a look it’s tricky to tell, Is it members showing their own systems? With an NVA room?

Yes guys like yourself taking there gear up to a hotel to set it up and let you hear it.
From talking to others that have been in the past it’s a very relaxed show with a good vibe.
It will be interesting to meet these guy’s and put a face to a forum name, plus hear the system even if it’s in a hotel room.

I last went to show at Melton Moberry a few years ago. It is mainly amateurs showing their favorour stuff. Very different but refreshing from the manufacturer/dealer shows.

More informal and friendly also.

Cheers Stumpy

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Sorry, I only just noticed that there was a thread about the Ascot Hi-Fi Show and people seem interested in show reports. I covered the event for Soundstage in three very comprehensive show reports, so while I can’t link to it directly here, going to the Soundstage Global website will reveal all!

For those interested my reports on this year’s (excellent) North West audio show and Bristol show are there too plus coverage of the East of England show. The Soundstage team are in Warsaw this weekend covering the show there - sadly without me!!

Hope that is helpful to anyone who missed the various shows this year including Ascot! I think Naim are mentioned in all my reports as you would expect! :wink:




Didnt get near them PMC couldnt be arsed to set them up!

Young people… or wondering through life with their heads buried in their cell phones!!

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