The ULTIMATE Bloody Mary

What’s your special recipie for that most majestic cocktail, The Bloody Mary?

When they are great, and made just right to your own tastes - they are utterly sublime - when they are bad, they are basically undrinkable.

Do we have any fans on here?

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Here’s my recipe!

Stolichnaya Stoli Hot Vodka - 1 part

Sputnik Horseradish Vodka - 1 part

Fino Sherry - 1/2 part

V8 Vegetable Juice - brilliant stuff, nice and thick. This is the base - about 250ml for a not too long, not too short BM.

Celery Salt - 1/2 tsp

Horseradish - 1 tsp

Lemon Juice - maybe a quarter lemon juiced

Worcestershire Sauce - two or three really good dashes (this brings the sweetness)

Tabasco Sauce (to taste - but I like a LOT - in bars I ask for 9/10 on the heat scale)

Ground Black Pepper

All into a Boston with a couple of ice cubes.

Roll back and forth (don’t ever shake Tomato juice)

Serve with a slice of lemon and a celery stick.



It’s funny because Bloody Mary is a drink I have tried so hard to like all my life- and I just cannot drink them despite all my efforts. Even really “good ones” - and I must say reading your recipe Matt- that looks amazing. Maybe I’ll try once again… deep sigh!!!

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Why thankyou - if there is a “secret” it’s actually the V8 - it really has a depth of flavour and a thickness that massively helps.

The flavoured Vodkas really help too - Belvedere do a ready spiced Bloody Mary Vodka, that’s actually pretty good - either way, too little vodka is where many bar BMs fall down, you want a burn of spice, followed by a burn of Vodka!

I think like Whisky - there’s a Bloody Mary for everyone.

So many have had one once - been served thin tomato juice with vodka and a few drops of Tabasco - that it’s not surprising they don’t go back!

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Matt’s looks good but i think any good bm starts with a hangover.


Haha! …I’ve never had one for that purpose :joy: …it’s my go to “pre steak dinner” cocktail… :blush:

I think that the secret ingredient is the dash of Sherry although I use amontillado. You can also ruin it with too much tomato juice. So my recipe is:

75ml vodka (normally Absolut)
150 ml tomato juice
Dash of Amontillado
Freshly ground black pepper
Celery salt
Good dash Tabasco


Good dash Lea &Perrins
Squeeze of lemon juice

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And no disgusting celery stick!


So that’s a maybe then??

I agree. I’ve used it for years. Some bars use port - interesting, brings a nice sweetness but it’s so powerful it drowns everything else out. So I don’t!

For some reason I like celery salt, I like cooking with celery but raw celery is the work of the devil and his little imps. So yes - maybe

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Port sounds a bit too much

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It’s a nice recipe. No Horseradish I see - I do think it’s one of those things that divides the room.

Yours is quite a short drink then - a tumbler as opposed to mine which is a high ball.

You should check out the cocktail thread that I started and appear to be main contributor to :drooling_face:


I put lots of ice in so can normally make a highball. No horseradish. Yours has more spice and heat in than an Indian takeaway :wink:

I shall - I only really do Bloody Marys - and an occasional Cuba Libré (which to be honest is probably not technically a cocktail)

…I cured myself of Mojitos a long time ago - cannot stand the things now. Same Caiprinīas

I highly recommend trying V8. But yes - I like to have a nice zing!

The only decent cocktails IMO, apart from Bloody Mary, contain either gin or bourbon

My wife would argue that Rum should be included - but I’m with you. I can’t abide sweet cocktails.

I’ve also tried to like Sazerac (?) …the one with Absinthe - but generally lose the next 24 hours, so I don’t bother anymore.