The Wall - blasphemy?

There. That’s better.

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It’s the Yorkshire version.


And that’s the true test of how good an album is to our ears. How often you actually play it.


True fans only ever use “M” for Meddle and “U” for Ummagumma :wink:

Oh god! Don’t remind me. Too late!

wow… just logged into this thread and guess what I am listening to…

Listening to it with the original double LP I bought on its release!


I went to see it in the theatre when it was released, and hated it. The imagery that the music had produced in my mind clashed horribly with the imagery in the film. I vaguely remember a long dripping blood scene . . . who knows what chemicals had infiltrated my brain however.

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It was 95 min of this

It was kind of interesting but I must say I did not enjoy it that much if I remember correctly.

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