The "What else should I listen to?" thread

An idea for a thread that came out of me wanting to listen to other artists similar to one I already like. Sometimes that fairly obvious, but other times not.

So, the idea is you post a reply saying that you really like x, and then people reply directly to your post with ideas for other listening.

Here’s my starter for 10.

Loved this album, and would love ideas for other similar artists. Thoughts please…


Nice idea. You may like to look at Gnoosic - it attempts (reasonably successfully) to do what you are suggesting.

Ah thanks… I’ll give that a go… I’d still be interested in the analogue version from people’s own ears. :slight_smile:

Great idea for a thread.

I suppose this works best when someone posts a popular artist they like and others reply with lesser-known similar artists. I am going to try this the other way around and give you one of my best finds in the last couple of years, Amos Lee, who is not very well known.

Any Amos Lee fans out there who can suggest similar artists, with Amos being rather unique IMV?

Like Amos too… have several of his albums.
Suggestion…Jack Savoretti.

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I love the sound of the cello - any suggestions on solo / group cello releases.
Or simple ‘quirky’, intimate recordings - cello, female voice and harp??

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