Them Crooked Vultures

A supergroup for recent times, with Josh Homme (ex Queens of the Stone Age) on vocals and guitar, John Paul Jones (remember him, the pretty one from Led Zeppelin) on bass, and Dave Grohl (back on drums, where he belongs, from Nirvana).

They released a great 2LP album some years ago now, did a bit of touring, then disappeared.

I thought that it would be fun to buy a new copy of the album to give the new Dynavector a bit of a work out, but it has been dropped from the catalogue.

What a bl**dy shame. It deserved to be around for much, much longer.


I was fortunate enough to buy the album on vinyl in 2010-11 or so. The prices on Discogs are of course now very high. Let us hope they reissue it!

Of course, we can hope for a reissue, and I surely do, but I wonder why it was deleted at all. If records as good as that are disappearing, that’s a rather depressing prospect for the music industry that we have these days.

(I’d have my fingers crossed, but I find it difficult to type like that!)

They played at the Casino in my city, Windsor Ontario I think it was 2010. Being a huge Zep fan I planned on going to see them. I had seen Plant twice, Page once, so JPJ was the last surviving member I had not seen.
A guy I worked with was going to look into getting tickets, I was all in on going.
Unfortunately I ended up leaving that job for a much better one, so I never ended up going.
They were getting some radio play from Detroit, so I really liked what I heard.
I have never seen or heard the full album anywhere though.

Saw them recently at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute at Wembley. Fantastic live and would love to hear more. Could be an outlet for Dave Grohl as he adapts to a musical life without Taylor Hawkins.

Is it not on streaming services? I have the cd somewhere…

On Amazon.

Yes, but the Amazon price is ridiculous, unless you’ve seen something that I missed.

Ah, streaming here.

Ex? Did I miss something?

The album is on Tidal and Spotify if you care to stream it. Presumably other platforms too.

I like it and listen every so often. I’m a big Josh Homme fan. And Led Zep. I reckon JPJ as massively underrated as a bassist. Foo Fighters not so much (I like the album Concrete and Gold and a few other tracks ) but Dave Grohl is brilliant as a man and a musician.


His inspiring collaboration with Diamanda Galas is an exceptional album.


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And as… Keyboard player, Arranger (*), Multi Instrumentalist…

I suspect he was the Musical fixer in Zepp. There are stories of Page coming up with things which simply could not work - but somehow where made to. JPJ… Could you just…?

(* - eg. How come JPJ got no writing credit on Kashmir…? Its Bonham/Page/Plant. Did those String parts write themselves, Jimmy…???)


I have no idea about Queens Of The Stone Age, and had never heard of them before I bought my Them Crooked Vultures record (Which may be my problem, but it’s not one that I feel any need to rush out to do anything about.)

Them Crooked Vultures has got Josh Homme’s fingerprints all over it so you might like them. Songs for the Deaf is a good place to start.

I will try to find that and have a listen at some point, but I’d really like to track down a new copy of TCV at a fair price. (On LP, just to be clear.)

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You’ve reignited my love of QOTSA. So bloody good.

QOTSA with Dave Grohl on the bongos. What’s not to love?

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