Things I've done in the last 24 hours

Just an idle conversation really but nothing much else to do so…

Anyway, as a backup I sync my NAS music files at home with my works PC. I noticed that changes to the tags I was doing on the NAS were getting overwritten when the end of day sync was done. Turns out the time on my Windows NAS was wrong. It’s set to do an internet time sync but it’s not working when the NAS reboots… no idea why, it used to work :frowning: This came about because we had a short mains power off some months ago… that must be when the time didn’t set.

So I had a bunch of files and directories that were set incorrectly as 2012 - why 2012? First job was to find a utility out there to change the created dates to what they should be. After some searching I found something. Then find out how to list all files/directories dated 2012. I then spent an hour or so fixing the files/directories (found a utility to set the created date to the modified date).

Next what’s going wrong with the internet time setting? Manually tested it and it works so something’s causing it to fail at reboot. I reckoned the fix was to run a schedule to a) resync time at reboot and b) resync daily - just in case. So next I spent some time finding the windows cli command to resync the time. Sorted. Next put this in a batch file. Test it. Find it has to run as admin. Fix and retest. Next create a schedule to run a) and b) and remember to run as admin. Tested and works :slight_smile:

I must have spent a good 5 or 6 hours doing that lot.

Anyway keeps you amused I suppose. :slight_smile:

A little gardening , some reading and drank a soda pop (THC) from the MJ Store. Turned on my Naim ,surfed the stream listened to tunes and a new pod cast " Talking Sopranos." Then zzzzz

Afternoon naps seem to be in at the moment.

tbh the enforced quarantine, I so despise the word ‘lockdown’, is driving me bonkers. I’m not used to just sitting there doing nothing. It’s really not helped with a VERY scared wife - she is convinced if she gets this she will die. She spends ages on ‘the net’ finding all the bad news she can. Anyway she has dictated I cannot use or do anything where there is a risk of an A&E visit. So no power tools, no chain saws (I have some trees to tidy up), no ladders (the gutters need clearing out. I’m allowed to use the lawn mower and I have been allowed to spray some weeds. That’s it :frowning:

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Managed to mess up my Raspberry Pi Minimserver yesterday, thanks to finally getting Bubbleupnp to install. BU couldn’t locate ffmpeg so I did a fresh build compile & make, all went well but BU still failed to locate the transcoders, and it’s created a conflict that prevents Minimserver starting so I now have access to Tidal but without the option to stream as wav, and no Minimserver to dish up my NAS content transcoded to wav in the way it has been doing quite happily for a while.

This evening may well involve a session winding it all back to a fresh install of everything from OS onwards, starting from scratch.


Generally termed “house arrest” down under.

Hence, the best option is:


Just remember Jeff Porcaro…

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To pass the time… just ordered 500l of heating oil. I wouldn’t normally buy this time of year but it hasn’t been this cheap for as long as I can remember. Come down 10% in the last 24 hours. I really think the Saudis need to turn off their pipe lines… it’s a valuable resource so don’t squander it.


Had to go and look that one up…

“Porcaro died on August 5, 1992, at the age of 38. It was originally speculated that he had fallen ill after spraying insecticide in the yard of his Hidden Hills home and died that evening at Humana Hospital-West Hills. The coroner’s office initially listed his cause of death to be a heart attack from atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). However, after the autopsy the cause of death was reported as a heart attack due to occlusive coronary artery disease caused by hardening of the arteries because of cocaine use.”

However maybe that’s the reason for own my heart attack last year: Too much 24d :wink:

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That sounds miserable! No non-dangerous hobbies? (Not climbing wall on side of house or abseiling from upstairs window)
No musical instruments?
Random ideas (not that you said you were looking for them): Play music! Read books. Plan your dream home (if not already in it). Plan your next holiday(!) If you can’t cook, learn; if you can cook, develop into new areas. Learn a language (or another). Stream films, plays, concerts. Find an interesting course to do, now offered online by some colleges. Disconnect your wife from the internet and have conversations.

Hmmm … let me see …

Put my Telecasters away and got out my 2 PRS Custom 24s (one tuned to Drop D). Usually I change which guitars I am playing once a week. Practiced my Bach pieces. Swore a bit when I kept going wrong at the same point in ‘Sheep May Safely Graze’

Listened to an Audiobook while eating. I read on my Kindle while eating breakfast (didn’t want to wake SWMBO)

Annoyed SWMBO for a while (it’s my vocation!). Went for a walk with her. (My turn to cook tonight)

Watched 4 episodes of “Buffy the …”

Played a couple of LPs and listened to music on my NDS.

Asked SWMBO to put some chocolate, icing sugar, caster sugar on the shopping list (our youngest daughter is doing the shopping for us). Think I’ll make a couple of cakes tomorrow.

Stared in the bathroom mirror, stared at electric hair trimmer, thought, “Nah”, and put both the trimmer and myself away for another day. :thinking:


SWMBO has cut my hair for the past 20 years. Quite easy really. she says. No.2 all over, square neck, trim the hairs in my ears, every 4 weeks. I haven’t owned a comb for years.

I did the back of her hair for her last week without making too much of a hash of it. She used to have waist-length black hair. When the gray/silver started to appear as she passed 50 she went for a short cut instead (a bit like the Linda Thorson one (you remember - the girl from ‘The Avengers’ with Patrick McNee) and that’s the style she uses now.

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Just an addition … I REALLY recommend using FaceTime or Skype etc to keep in contact with your family.

We use Facetime at least twice a week to chat with our daughters, sons-in-law, and grandchildren. Makes life much more bearable in this time of ‘social distancing’.

Also we keep in touch with SWMBO’s family in Malta the same way, and with my family in Lancashire and Canada.

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Just spent an hour cutting the lawn (okay it’s an orchard). Had a shower, damn hot out there pushing the petrol hover. Now back to the PC. On the good side, well it IS for SWMBO, tbh I couldn’t care less but it keeps the wife less anxious, the N95 face masks I was waiting for have finally arrived. 5 weeks DHL express from China. Got one of my suppliers out there to send me some of the ones he’s been using. Saying that, the few times we’ve been out to the supermarket I can count on two fingers the number of people I’ve seen wearing them. Went to Marks’ last Friday and it was very civilised and not a single face mask in evidence.

Tara King… didn’t know she was Canadian… quite dish :wink:

Sorry this is off topic.

Actually, it’s not the Saudis that need to turn them off, it’s the shale oil producers in the States. The American’s always forcefully demand other oil producers cut their output but never their own.

Asset UPnP installed, signed up to Qobuz. Sorted.

I was getting excited about putting the bins out tonight, but because of the Easter holidays - black bin day is put forward to Saturday morning. So I have that to look forward to.


Yep, perfectly off topic.