Things I've done in the last 24 hours

Yes I know what you mean… you have to space your chores out; one a day. So where as normally you would have got them all done in one day (clean car, clean windows, mow lawn, etc…) now you ration them out to one job a day and take twice as long for each one :slight_smile:

This evening we’re putting two loungers in the field at the back of the house and we’re going to sit there for a couple of hours watching the swallows and hopefully the barn owls. Plus a bottle of wine and some nibbles :wink:

Saturday I’m planning to spend 3+ hours cleaning the car and I’m almost looking forward to it! Double snow foam/two bucket wash/wheels/exhaust/towel dry/blow dry/2 coats Zaino Z-2/2 coats Z-6/one of Z-8/wax sealant alloys and exhaust.

Woohoo, the fun just never stops for some folks! :laughing:

For me, as yesterday, still contemplating the mirror and the electric hair trimmer. :roll_eyes:

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Re. cutting down the body hair… I’ve started growing a goatee. Spending a couple of mins a day looking in the mirror observing how it’s developing is another 2 mins keeping occupied :wink:

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Your car? Really?!

Oh yes… £300 quid special dryer. Some people (okay a bit anal but…) will use an air dryer only. So wash/rinse and then air blow dry. I had a detailer round once… he was 4 days washing/mopping/sealing a Boxster I had, and that was what he did. In fact he started the day with a wash and blow dry and then another wash and dry between each process! Anyway I’m not that bad. I towel dry and then air blow around grills/mirrors/etc so I don’t end up with water runs or droplets mixing when I’m applying the treatments (wax/sealent). tbh this is when I can be bothered! Normally wash/rinse/towel dry and that’s it.

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That’s made by Dyson presumably.

That reminds me of just after I left Uni, I was selling my car and I spent a few days with glass fibre, isopon and spray paint beforehand to tart it up. The last bit wasn’t quite finished and someone was coming to look at it in an hour. But it started to rain. So there I was with my girlfriend holding an umbrella over my head and warming the panel up with a hair dryer so that when the spray paint hit it, it dried immediately. It wasn’t the best paint job I ever did, but hey it sold the car ok.



Sorry a ‘no Dyson’ household :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, and you probably aren’t, look up Air Force Blaster :slight_smile:

It was a joke.

Anyway I was interested enough to look up Air Force Blaster, ignoring the top turntable offerings that google gave me as I typed (Air Force 1 for instance).

My BMW dealer has a car washing/drying machine which they use to valet any car that passes through their hands. The bumph explained that this was the first such machine used in the UK (this would be about 4 years ago) and involves nothing touching the car except liquids and air. It certainly works well, so far as I can tell from the few times my car has been back (a service, an MOT test and two safety recalls).


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I ordered a sidekick last week, just to get to those hard to reach water traps. Sad I know.

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Was getting around to mowing the back lawn, but decided against it. Look how pretty my weeds look. I couldn’t put them in the green bin.

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Similarly, procrastinating here too. :thinking: :thinking: :-1:

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David, they installed a car washing drying facility at Cribbs Causway,Bristol several years ago when they started using it it melted the wiper blades on quite a few vehicles that used it.

They carried out some modification/adjustments and it was then OK.

Cleaned off our Banana bench yesterday using a teak cleaner and a lot of elbow grease. Then applied 2 coats of teak protector this morning.

It’s come up almost like new.

We’ve ordered a matching table to go in front of it which should arrive soon. It’s just the right spot for a morning brew.


Nice job i always had trouble keeping ours looking pristine.


I used Ronseal Garden Wood Furniture Cleaner. It seems miraculous

You spray it on and scrub, then wash it off scrubbing as you go. You can see the gunk lifting off it and the teak ends up a very blonde colour.

Then I apply Bramblecrest Teak Protector (the bench is made by Bramblecrest) which you rub on with a lint free cloth. We were advised against using teak oil as apparently mould grows on it although I have noticed a few small splits which perhaps oil may have prevented.

The bench is about 6 years old, I missed doing it last year so it needed it more this year.


Thanks for the tip, miracle indeed, it looks brand new.

Wife planted out the tomatoes, courgette and aubergine seedlings. I watched.



Popped in work for a few hours to catch up on things then went for our weekly shop avec N95 face masks. tbh we were the only people in there with them on though I did spot one bloke who was on a phone and kept on dropping it down to talk a sentence and then lifted it back up again. Up and down for about 10 mins whilst walking around the shop.

Mown the nettles …
Inaugural use of the scythe…
Blades ready for cleaning …

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That looks beautiful as well as functional. Did you make it?

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