Things I've done in the last 24 hours

Not making this a political comment BUT… what’s going to happen to stamp duty in half an hour?


A reduction in vat would be good news for my S1 pre purchase :joy:

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I don’t think it will happen BUT, if it did, I’m planning a massive spend! :wink:

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Just saved me 2.5 grand on my house purchase.

Assuming I’ve done my maths correct? :slight_smile:


Hello Don

If you get and read the Penny Post, there is an excellent article in this week’s edition on the LRIE and the Football Stadium.

Right back to 2014 .

I finished my letter just now , and as I will be beside a pool at my favourite hotel enjoying the Mediterranean sunshine next week…


Good morning Eoin,

I am so glad that you are on the road to recovery …

Next week , you may feel vulnerable but by Christmas you will be in a far better place …

The Nova will never have sounded as good as it does next week

best wishes



that unit rate is double my peak rate cost in Sydney-and 4x my shoulder rate - and our bills have gone up too in the last couple of months- I hope it calms down soon for those in Europe/UK
standing charge is very similar to mine

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Enjoy the sunshine Ian, and relax !

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Back from a colonoscopy. All went well with 8 polyps removed. No indications of any being precancerous. Pathology will report back. One diverticulum. Minor internal haemorrhoids.

Didn’t have sedation or Entonox. Back to a light diet after a 24 hour fast. Surprisingly I didn’t feel hungry through the cleansing process.

Worth going through it to have the precautionary removal of polyps. Must increase fibre and reduce alcohol, which I don’t miss. Gave up smoking years ago. More walking.

Don’t worry about this procedure. See your GP if you have concerns as the bowel screening is just one check of a number.



Hi Ian, another day of stability. Several walks of about 150m, one trip up and down a flight of 12 stairs with physio support. I’m still looking forward to getting home to the view, the music, the art, catching up on The Rings of Power. There will be daunting moments, but I’m treating it mentally as an opportunity to have a big new adventure.


There’s a lot of us who will be quietly cheering you on. Very best wishes.


That and the lottery win this week - fair play!

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Hello Eoin

This is very , very good news, I had to quickly re-read when you said trip . Tomorrow will be two trips up the stairs …
As I am sure you appreciate , it wasn’t that long ago you were doing 100 metres - and that would have been a distance

Actually I’m going on a little trip myself on Wednesday , going back to Malta

It’s a hard life…

Stay safe, stay snug, the art and Nova await

best wishes



All my FITs have come back negative, yet five polyps were visually classified as adenomatous (2 larger than 4mm). There is a 10% probability of these becoming cancerous.

The most worrying symptom that caused me to visit the GP was 2 days of bowel discomfort coupled with not understanding the consequence of eating beetroot. I can only say it was a good thing that I had the colonoscopy.

Regarding discomfort, this depends on how easy it is to navigate the colon which can fold and twist. Lower BMI helps. Sometimes the colonoscope cannot reach the Caecum and Ileum where the ascending colon connects to the small intestine. Effective examination of the entire colon is very important.

There are lots of things that everyone can do to reduce risks. This has been a wake up call to me.



When I had a regular skin check for melanoma, the skin specialist mentioned that if there was one private screening to do, it was a colonoscopy, for men 50 and over - as we tend to eat a lot of red meat. I’m 56 and haven’t had any symptoms as such. Though my wife’s dad just died at 85 from bowel cancer. By the time he had a colonoscopy (privately) he had a lot going on and passed 9 months later. The public waiting list for the colonoscopy was 18 months - he would have been gone waiting.


I’m apparently at high risk and need one every 3 years, I get a letter 6 months out telling me to book it in and Mrs Pete nags me till I do. Men generally aren’t very good at looking after themselves and often their own worse enemy.


When did you start having them Pete?

About 10 years ago, they noticed some worrying signs and had me on alert ever since. Apparently bowel cancer is easily fixed as long as they find it early.

Mrs Pete first husband and the father of her 2 boys is fighting a losing battle with kidney cancer that has now spread everywhere.

Cancer is our generations biggest enemy.


A walk with my wife along the Ballard Locks Waterway and park. Lots of good things going on…

Vessell waiting to enter lock to move from salt water to the fresh water lake system while freight train heading into/through Seattle.

Salmon working their way up the fish ladder steps, salt water to fresh water, then continue on through the lakes and up into the river systems to spawn.

There was also at least four seals patrolling the entrance to fish ladder getting their share of the available food supply.

A beautiful early fall day here in Seattle. Life is sweet!


Love the way that freight train line runs along the edge of the city. We stayed along the water and were woken by a train that seemed to be 4 miles long.