Things I've done in the last 24 hours

What did you get?

I bought the 1st gen Kindle Paperwhite - it was ok, but wasn’t used as often as I’d hoped, the LED backlighting from a row of LEDs was uneven which annoyed me but apparently normal. Seems like I got it 3-4 years ago but it’s nearly 10 years old I think so little surprise the battery barely holds a charge.

The problem with Kindle eReaders is that you are very limited as to what you can read on them - and when you buy books from Amazon you have limited rights to what you have bought.
Kobo has he advantages that you can read pretty much anything on them, when you buy books from Kobo you can red them on many different devices, you can borrow library books - much better devices than Amazon’s readers.


Thanks, I’ve heard of Kobo but never really looked at the e-readers.

If I ever replace the Kindle (I probably use the app on my iPad more than the Kindle itself) I’ll have to look at the alternatives.

Kobo Sage. 8" screen, waterproof, wifi, audio books, &c.

I was determined to stick to Kobo after excellent experience with the last model. After some research this looked the best. tbh I was tempted by one of the cheaper models BUT decided to spend a little more 'cause it’s going to be used for a good many years.


Just to update this. We came home yesterday to find a missed call from the estate agent. Phoned back and the sellers are DEMANDING we exchange next week on the day of father-in-laws funeral. As you can imagine that’s not gone down well. Will speak to our solicitor and the agent at 9am.

Given your comments re the condition of the new place et al, have you researched getting insurance cover w.e.f. ‘exchange’ yet?

If all your property ducks are now in a row, ‘exchange’ isn’t really the key issue, it’s (obviously) the date for ‘completion’…it sounds like the vendor reps are getting twitchy and may want their cash ASAP, perhaps fretting over the MSM’s reporting of falls in house prices!

Insurance might be something that’s going to have to be discussed… the property will be vacant for 3-4 months.

It should be easily attainable with certain T&C’s (e.g. switching off water supply), and this is the quirk as regards house buying that w.e.f. ‘exchange’, you will have an insurable interest in the asset, and the house may be double-insured.

If your solicitor is on their mettle, they should strongly advise you not to ‘exchange’ without insurance being in place (even if you don’t have a mtge).

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You have to insure it from the date of exchange because after exchange you are contractually obligated to proceed to complete the purchase even if it burns down and the blackened ruins fall into an unexpected sink hole.

I’m sure you know that though!

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Zhukov’s constitutional didn’t go unnoticed.

“You looking at my ewe’s?”

If only there was an old graveyard, and appropriate trees, in the background.



Spoke to the solicitor and he said he spoke with the sellers solicitor on Tuesday and there was no mention of this rush. He said a few things to tick off but probably a few weeks before signing.

Spoke to the estate agent and they suggested that ‘someone’ is going to have to pay for some heating oil to keep the heating on (frost setting) until exchange. My retort was ‘not my problem, get the sellers to splash out a few hundred quid’.

PS will 100% check the property the day before we sign!

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If the property is empty and you don’t intend to occupy it from Day1, then why not simply agree a simultaneous ‘exchange & completion’, this subject to a pre-inspection on the day before? You can set the proposed date ahead of time.

Yes… simultaneous exchange/completion was suggested but, if we can just get the exchange done then that will get them off our backs and we can have some time to think! I know they’re getting twitchy about us pulling out; the markets have cooled a lot and we’re seeing a lot of previously ‘sold’ properties being relisted. I’m not saying prices dropping but the agents don’t seem to be doing as many ‘rubbish’ properties at ridiculous prices and things are definitely settling down. Those ones that sold (STC) at daft prices are falling through and back on the market at a more sensible price. We just saw another one that we looked at 4-5 months ago that ‘sold’ for £595 and it’s just come back on at £550.

tbh, since we got our 10% discount, I’m happy with the price we’re paying.

I think once the sellers have a contract then they’ll back off and let us regroup.


Your location looks to be unique. So it’s just a matter of where you want to be.


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Broke out the lebkuchen, guess the pre christmas diet has ended.


With the UK market I’m unsure if that should be £595k or m

Your sellers just sound like they are worried that you are getting cold feet. Unsurprising at the moment.

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I just searched “Black Friday” in all my email inboxes, and then deleted all the results.

Very therapeutic. And free!


Good grief, does that mean you missed the Naim Black Friday 50% off everything? :sunglasses:


Good selection of electrical tools.


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Guilty. Although 50% of a lot is still a lot.
Plus, I don’t believe you.