Things I've done in the last 24 hours

My son is very slowly taking ownership of my vinyl collection. Today I gave him box number 3. Seven more to go. It included albums by Fleetwood Mac, Fox, Al Green, Grateful Dead, General Smilie, George Harrison, Isaac Hayes, Joy Division, Jimi Hendrix (including Electric ladyland with original gatefold sleeve which I was tempted to keep) and my Incredible String Band collection :cry:


The rozzers are involved …

I have 2TB, 4TB and 6TB WD Reds in my three Synology NASs. All appear to work just fine


Same here - no problem yet - after 4 years. Probably Karen on Facebook thought see might have possibly heard via the grapevine from a third party along the way that WD Reds aren’t recommended for…. (Insert whatever).


When I installed the drives in the NAS there was a warning that the drives weren’t recommended for use by Synology (with no real details about why and a simple ‘ignore’ button to continue). It probably means little, but if I was buying again I wouldn’t have bought those particular drives.

Apparently WD use SMR rather than CMR on the smaller red drives, they weren’t completely open about this when they started doing it and there was some noise about it (which I had missed until I looked into why Synology would flag a warning about the drives).

A bit more than a rumour I heard from Karen on Facebook.

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WD do three different “Reds” which complicates matters!

For sure, I had no complaints from the NASs when I installed them :smiley:

Got up this morning, looked out of the window and noticed that the garage door had been left open all night, with all our bikes in there, including my Brompton right in the entrance. Luckily everything was still there.

Yesterday we went for a walk and called in at the tea shop, as you do. Mrs HH looked a little crestfallen when there were no scones and she had a slum it with a teacake. So this morning, I’ve dusted off the old Delia Smith cookbook and knocked up some scones. I’ve not made them for years, but even though I say it myself, they were absolutely delicious.


I’ve left the garage door open all night too on more than one occasion :blush:

Tools, motorbike, Sierra… :open_mouth:

I now put the garage keys in the kitchen where I brew up so I know it’s not been locked up. Sticking the keys back in the key cupboard is fatal.

Unfortunately that wouldn’t work for us, as all our locks are the same, so every key works every lock. We live in a cul de sac with houses on one side and fields on the other, so the only passing traffic at night is foxes and hedgehogs. That said, years ago thieves broke into my then neighbour’s van overnight and took thousands of £s worth of tools, and nobody in the road heard a thing. Maybe it was those pesky hedgehogs.

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Well, it turned out that couldn’t deliver the fridge/freezer today, because it didn’t fit in the allocated delivery vehicle.

But it wasn’t until early evening that some kind person from AO rang me to explain what had happened. All day their online tracking system had said “you are the next but 1 delivery”.

So instead of waiting in hopefully all day, I could have gone out into the sunshine with the family any time I wanted. Still they have given me “free scrappage” of the old fridge, worth almost £17. And they say they can deliver it on Tuesday. So that’s alright then.

Yes that sounds a very convincing excuse. I’m sure they have delivery vehicles that couldn’t hold a fridge.

Packed it probably is about 2.2m high, but even so you couldn’t make it up!


Had the electrician testing our large home built 1990. Tomorrow he moves all circuits bar two different HiFi radials to the new Distribution Board fitted for the Solar, Batteries and Zappi EV charger (14 way Hager) plus an extra slave Distribution Board (14 way).

Net effect is we end up with a dedicated Distribution Board for the HiFi as per the recommended arrangement including separate earths back to the Meter cupboard (PME)!

No problems found today. Phew!



I have this mental image of a Deliveroo driver trying to fit that box onto the back of an L-plated moped.


Just make sure you examine the casing et al before signing for it. It seems a standard Luton-range delivery van (with rear lifter) has an internal height of 2.2M, a type they may ordinarily use?

So, someone may have a go and lay it flat (so to speak).

They are a big supplier of appliances and normally use proper big delivery vans with branding on.

It’s a cockup basically and I would be surprised if they get it wrong again tomorrow.

Also this isn’t a case of a one to one delivery. The vehicle I watched, off and on, on the online tracking yesterday made 20 or 30 stops before it went off for the night.

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Been accosted in Aldi.

Whilst selecting a couple of bottles of wine two police officers approached. One moving off to the side.

Are you Mr. Smith.


They moved away.

I asked the girl at the checkout what was happening…

She said with a smile They are looking for a scruffy, aggressive,elderly,gentleman who has had to much to drink.

Thanks lads. Well spotted.


That’s outrageous. I wouldn’t describe you as elderly :upside_down_face:


I was going to say that I wouldn’t describe him as aggressive!

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Did your fridge/freezer arrive?

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