Things I've done in the last 24 hours

Just taken Mrs. G. to hospital for an ultrasound guided steroid injection for a subacromial bursitis. No splits or tears, just inflammation thankfully so prognosis is very good.

Had the same myself a few years ago and it was very effective.

Pleasant and friendly staff made it a stress free experience. Well done to them and Cannock hospital.


Didn’t manage the noodles at Borough (cries of “shame”) but did the two exhibitions.
“The Rosettis” at T.Britain was excellent. Came well recommended (wifey & daughter#2). Only a week left, so get in quick!
Also got in a look at Millais’s “Ophelia”, or as my wife calls it “Lizzie in the bath”. Lovely.

Then off to T.Modern for photography exhibition “A common world”. Interesting, some excellent, some not so. Worth seeing though.

Train home from Waterloo was rammed - only 5 coaches (instead of 10) coz of mechanical failures, so the commuter traffic was swelled by Ipswich Town footy fans trying to get to Southampton for this evening’s game - but a very jovial crowd. (turns out that my SiL was on the following train with more IT fans :laughing: )

So knackered now, tomorrow is day off!!!


Well unless they give you a few practice sessions while the clients are off board….you will never get the hang of it :joy:

Feeling exhausted for a few days now. Mrs AC has felt extremely viral for days and is off work - lots of Covid infections in her colleague group, but we’re both negative on lateral flow tests…

Probably a run of the mill viral infection now the kids are back at school, but suspect we don’t take these things in our stride as we used to pre-2019.


Here are my jellies as presents . I have kept some back for myself , including the bramble, apple and elderberry jelly.

The chillies were grown by myself , and the fruits were foraged by myself .

The jars were bought, I have so many jars where the glue needed so many scrubbings to get off.


We travelled back on the ferry from Caen to Portsmouth today, leaving Caen at 4.30. Blimey it was rough, with the ship going up and down, side to side and much banging and crashing. Luckily we had a day cabin, where we spent pretty much the whole voyage lying down. No way were we going to the restaurant, and every time we stood up we found it really hard to stay upright. When we got back, a car set off the radioactivity sensors - who knew they used them - and there was a big delay.

The jolly border force man cheered us up though. Been on holiday? Yes. Long journey? Yes, from Collioure, as far south as it’s possible to go in France. Long journey tonight? No, just Emsworth. Much laughter in the border force hut, as we are under 15 minutes from the port.

We’ve just booked next September’s crossing, when we will repeat the whole process, hopefully going to the Côte d’Azur.

I’ve no sea legs so I would have had my head between my legs :face_vomiting:

I did brave the ferry to the Isle of Wight once though but it was calm.

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There is a lovely story of the professional fisherman who went to France via a ferry :ferry: and was as sick :nauseated_face: as a dog . (I should say I used to go fishing with him, something I seriously regret these days)

Completely different from the usual small motion of his boat .

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Down at Dungeness on Monday - the wind lashing up the Channel made it extremely difficult to remain standing.

I had lunch at the Harbour arm in Folkestone yesterday looking out to the Channel and was thinking I wouldn’t want to be on a ferry today.

Luckily off to my place in France tomorrow via the Eurotunnel - bit more security and checking these days but 35 minutes crossing with feet up in the car then a stress free three hour journey on the peage which is generally traffic free all the way from Calais to the Pont de Normandie.


Went for a swim at Portmuck harbour. Couldn’t muster interest from anyone else so just myself and Zhukov, him dropping his ball off the pier, me retrieving it and throwing it for him to repeat. Managed a few excursions out into the harbour between throws and on one of these spotted what I thought was an escaped lobster pot buoy bobbing in the waves. The local fisherman use any old bottle as a float and after a few months in the sea a lot of them have degraded to a dark grey. As I approached, at about 20 feet distance, this “buoy” turned and looked at me. We eyeballed each other for a few seconds before it then slid gracefully below the surface and disappeared. Never been that close to a seal in the wild before. Hadn’t realised just how bloody big they are.



Mrs. G. and I have complained about this and that, (mostly the weather), then we complained about how much there is to complain about. Put it down to getting older and we proceeded to complain about that as well.


Jabs today. Covid in the left arm, flu in the right. Drink lots of fluids was the advice. Does wine count? Wine’s fine! That’s my kind of vaccination.


Interesting! My wife and I are having the Covid jab on Saturday at a pharmacy and then the flu jab the following Saturday at our GP surgery. Apparently our GP surgery still needs training before they can do the Covid jab. Absurd, and I think a bit incompetent of someone there who should be able do better and organise these things like others can.

Then early next year we are going to South Africa on holiday and as it happens one of our daughters is going there next month. She has researched vaccinations and it turns out that you need Hep A, Tetanus, Diptheria and Typhoid. We have Hep A which is still in date, but the Tetanus is just not and the Typhoid is long gone. Not sure how long the Diphtheria vac lasts but we were done as kids, and anyway it comes in a triple with tetanus and polio these days.

So in a week or two I will organise the tetanus etc triple and typhoid jabs. They are free on the NHS, but accessing someone to give them to us free may prove tricky, given the parlous state of the NHS these days.

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Had my flu and covid jabs last Saturday, the flu jab was okayish after but the Covid was painful for three days. I don’t have any problem with that apart from a few days disturbed sleep

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Zoom call first thing with Cardiologist who wants me to have a few more (precautionary) checks, ECG, Chest monitor and CT scan….booked in for next week. Lunchtime double jabs, Covid and flu…so far no adverse effects, :crossed_fingers: followed by a coaching session with a client, then 11+ practise with my son and finally watched BHA match…hopefully tomorrow will be a little quieter :sunglasses:

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Sounds like you have maxxed it to get to that point, I remember kids raised my BP horrendously, even now as adults kids still cause us both anxiety.

I booked pre-hospitalization for my prostate cancer surgery and discovered that my former life companion is about to marry after our 20-odd years together.
I learned it from a common acquaintance who works in a big supermarket. And then they talk about large-scale distribution.

Donated (signed up) to $30 a month to help end cruelty to Asian bears. Some people are just plan sick.


When poo comes, it often likes to come all at once

Stay safe

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I will.

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