Things that make you feel old

When in a conversation with the other half you refer to a couple in their early 50s as that young couple.


That would be us :sunglasses:


Yes you troublesome youngsters :rofl::rofl:


Hearing that someone I went to school with is a biological grandparent of a 10 year old.

That might not seem odd. But he’s 43.

Then realising he was one of several classmates that sprogged at the ripe old age of 16 and who probably hang out together in a sort of grandparents club.

That, and starting to get the first deaths reported for friends of natural causes. That’s the one that get’s you. You think it will be much later in life when that starts happening but it’s in your mid 30s usually and mortality is on your shoulder every day after that.


Agree with that sentiment.

If I may lighten the mood a little though, Kevin Bridges has a good line on biological grand parents in his material on Glasgow and ‘wee mental Davie’. I’ll not repeat because of copyright and because his delivery cracks me up!


Make me feel old?
Sfairs …

And please, if you’re older, be very careful on stairs. I know 2 or 3 people that have had accidents, sometimes carrying things, sometimes not. One has a head injury …


They can be very dangerous, we’ve had to get our landlord to install a light at back stairs after I miss judged the last / a few ago.

Hope you weren’t hurt bad. I still have a lower back issue after mis-judging a 3rd last step and slamming down onto my arse. Houses should have elevators as standard. :slightly_smiling_face:

No other than my pride, felt like an old fart. Worse of all it happened in front of Mrs Pete. She still gives a hard time wanting to know if I need a hand getting down them.


Thanks for the smile. I have to admit that my slip was somewhat aided by the consumption of alcohol. A bit anyway … and I was rushing for some reason.


Have just read the obituary of an ex colleague who "died of frailty of old age , aged 95 ".

Sorry to be a smartarse, but how could there be a 'best. in a collection of Norman Wisdom DVDs?

Five or six years ago at the tender age 65 my physician recommended that I have a balance evaluation. Went to see a physical therapist who had me go through some exercises that demonstrated I was out of balance. It started me on a journey which includes exercise and diet. I lost weight and dropped four inches in the waist as I worked on core strength. So basically I exercise 4 days a weeks and take walks daily. Aging and the side effects are going to happen but you can choose to slow down the process.

One good fall can certainly impact your quality of life as we age but you can perform some good preventive maintenance and reduce the risk along with extending and improve the quality of your life. Just like the maintenance you perform on your stereo, cars, bikes, motorcycles etc.

Life is sweet and so is the music!


I’m a qualified Yoga teacher, though not teaching at the moment, I do a morning practice weekdays, and it’s very good for balance and general well-being, I use the garden and walks / bike for cardio proper. I started Yoga over 15 years ago and I can certainly observe the effects of ageing even at a young 57. I’m sure those effects would be more marked without the Yoga though.



I believe that the only true sign of old age is losing interest in life. It can happen, and often happens in later years. Fighting this feeling is perhaps the best activity for a senior.

During the pandemic, a year ago, I found that my supermarket allowed 65+ years old to bypass the queue at the entrance. I did it once or twice, then I realized that some men looking more bettered than me, were patiently waiting, not being 65 yet. I gave up ‘privileges’ and never jumped the queue again.

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It’s probably been posted before but mirrors are agings worse enemy. They have a nasty habit of reminding you how old you’ve become. But as someone else once said aging is still better than the alternative.


I feel a strong desire to throw a brick though the bathroom mirror every morning…

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I shave in the shower without the use of one.

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The only time in the last decade that I’ve liked a bathroom mirror, was at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas. They had a TV built into the en-suite’s mirror, so I could watch the baseball highlights while shaving!



I find that it gets the day off to a better start that way. :disappointed:

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