Things You've Never Done

…and why (optional).

I’ll get us started with 10 things I’ve never done (and quite possibly never will now, given my age).

  1. Seen a Stars Wars picture all the way through
  2. Eaten at Nando’s
  3. Bought a car (I can’t drive, I have dyspraxia)
  4. Liked anything by Dire Straits
  5. Been able to get on with Canon cameras (Nikon, Leica, Pentax, Olympus, Fuji etc yes; Canon no – I have no idea why)
  6. Knowingly heard anything by Foghat (in a way, it would spoil it if I ever did)
  7. Read anything by Jane Austen
  8. Been able to draw or paint
  9. Watched Breaking Bad (just never got round to it)
  10. Been able to read a map or use a compass (it’s the dyspraxia thing again – so please don’t ever get lost with me!)

I have never:
Jumped out of an aeroplane (with or without a parachute) - because why would you?

Bungee jumped - because why would you?

Watched Coronation Street (or any other soap opera series - unless you regard Star Trek as soap opera) - same reason.

Enjoyed Punk Music (but define punk music - I liked Blondie, but while I’m told that was punk, it wasn’t as I understand it)

Had any tattoos

Learned a non-European language


I have never:

Killed anyone. Apparently it’s wrong!

Had children. Conscious choice in order to reduce personal impact on an ailing planet.

Won big on the Lottery. Just rotten luck.


Posted an answer to a bizarre post such as this…

Damn it… done that now!


I have never, seen things you people wouldn’t believe, attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, I’ve not watched C-beams glitter in the dark by the Tanhauser Gate. All those moments won’t be lost in time, like, tears in rain.
Also, I have never ridden the winner of the Grand National. Or any other national come to think of it.


Not sure whether it really complies with the thread title’s intention, but I’ve never forgotten the jaw dropping WTF reaction to my initial hearing of Jimi’s first album.

Gobsmacked was an understatement.

Otherwise, I’ve jumped out of aircraft on several occasions, though, like Kev, have never warmed to Dour Streets. :joy:

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If I wrote all the things I have never done it would be a pretty long, possibly infinite list, if I spent long enough on it.

I have never eaten an Oyster.


I have never drunk alcohol
I have never followed Football
I have never been Sking
I have never been to South America
I have never had a one night stand
I have never lived anywhere apart form London/Essex
I have never climbed a mountain

Ready that back I sound like a right royal boring B…


You really should climb mountains. That is what they are there for.

I have never tried to surf, but I will one day.

Same :blush:


Quite a lot of potential smart arse answers to be placed here!

However I guess the point is quantifying things you’ve not done that many others, perhaps the majority, would class as ‘normal’.

For me, it’s drugs, in the recognised sense. Never tried any, never had any interest in doing so whatsoever.

I’ve never had a cigarette either.

(However, as a counter, I do drink beer, wine and these days Gin, though it would be a rare week I exceed suggested maximums.)

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@Stephen_Tate for me Oysters are one of life’s luxuries. I am a monster for them. If you get a chance hit up Waitrose on a Friday and have a screwdriver handy :wink:


I have never

  • Drunk Coffee
  • Jumped out of a plane. Makes no sense to me.
  • Bungee jumped. Same as above.
  • Spent as much on a car as my HiFi.
  • Been to Asia or South America.
  • Learnt a foreign language to a conversable level.
  • Regretted getting any tattoos.
  • Taken class A drugs.
  • Been arrested.

That took some thinking and as you can see I took most of my inspiration from the people above!

Never been in love. Except with myself!:sunglasses:

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Rubbish @Tony. I know for a fact that you LOVE Steven Wilson.



I was quite fond of the old A1 with sticky mirror and all but have been using Nikon gear since I bought my first FM2 years ago.

Then he’ll like the book he’s written about himself!

I hear Tony’s going to remix that book out of revenge for all those Yes, Tull and KC remixes Wilson’s done.

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