Thinking of buying Uniti Atom - advice?

Live in a flat, so our main listening room is not large. We have a system that has accrued bit by bit over a decade and is a bit mullety. CyrusCDSE6, ProAc Response One SC (with a REL sub), a few other bits like Blu-ray and Apple TV, Project Debut but it’s all driven by a Denon AVR2300. The receiver was bought in ‘leaner’ times and I am after something that will be much more music focused. I don’t plan on getting rid of the receiver as it does a fine job for day-to-day use. For the same reason, I didn’t want to upgrade to a more musical receiver as the Denon is fine. What I want is something that’s going to be great for music. I’ve been looking around for a while and am fairly certain I want Naim and was thinking of the Uniti Atom. What do people think? Would it be worthwhile, or should I think about upgrading the ProAc s for example?

A nait xs3 would slot in well into that system. Also no reason not to keep the proacs, they are nice speakers. You can integrate the denon with av bypass on the nait to maintain your surround system.


No. In my experience, ProAc works very well with Naim. And your pair should work beautifully with Atom. By the way, this piece of kit will make your good Denon redundant. IF i where you, i would sell every component except the loudspeakers. ( and cables ).


… unless he wants cd playback, vinyl playback, and surround sound for movies, none of which can be achieved with an atom alone.
You just need a decent no frills stereo amp, enter the xs3.


OK - that’s two shouts for the xs3. Another option would be the Nait 5si, which would leave budget room to upgrade the Cyrus CDSE6 to a CDi.

That’s the same shout twice.
Personally I’d stick with the CD player you have and buy the better amp. But then I’m full on streaming now, I haven’t played a cd in ages. Depends on your long term goals, as for me vinyl plus streaming equals best of both worlds. You can add an nd5xs2 later.

Indeed. ( stand corrected / sorry for the bad input)

Agree on keeping the speakers, is there a WAF relevancy? The Atom is cute in a sort of industrial way… The Star and Nova are classy looking, but basically big black slabs, twice the Atom size.

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