Thinking of changing to digital


I’m not getting an NDX2

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What is your choice then ? Keep what you have or buy another brand streamer ?

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In post No. 39, I advised that I was getting the Linn Klimax DS3/Katalyst streamer.


Sorry, I must be tired today. Congrats for your purchase, it’s a wonderful streamer that I have already heard.
However my comments on keeping or not the turntable are still to consider, in my opinion.
Just one question : if you mainly listen to radio, why did you not considered something like an analog Magnum Dynalab tuner?



It’s been a long day and glad that you like the Streamer.

I’ve not heard of those, I’ll have to look them up. Although we have been using the radio element, the station we really like is broadcast from Seattle.

I think that the streamer will allow us to explore further Jazz stations from around the world. Plus giving Qobuz the once over, it does seem to have the artists we like.

Our listening choices ranges from Jazz / Blues / Rock / 80s / Punk. So we should have some fun exploring.

Decided to stick with Naim or Linn mainly to continue the synergy that we currently have.


Spent most of yesterday prepping the rack for the arrival of the digital streamer.

Took the LP12 off the Tiger Paw wall shelf and boxed that up. The wall shelf and the Oak pattress board taken off the wall. The CD5 SX was disconnected and boxed up.

The wall was then repaired and painted.

The second and third shelves were reconfigured, leaving the top shelf ready for the streamer.

I must admit that it looks a bit different after having the LP12 there since I moved here in 1998, but it is a cleaner look.

Mind you it’s a bit of overkill for the Internet Radio Adaptor sitting there lonely on the top shelf…


The network cabling has been installed today. Took me most of the morning, but it also gave me the opportunity to tidy up the cabling in trunking and remove some redundant cables.

Once everything is up and running, I’ll have to go through my cables as I have a bit of a collection that has built up. Get them sorted and checked, then put them on a well known auction site and see what happens.

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Nice work DiggyGun :+1:



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Bit of a delay on the installation of the Linn Klimax DS3/Katalyst streamer, which was supposed to be yesterday., Wednesday.

Unfortunately, on Monday there was a fibre strike somewhere in Oxfordshire, which took out a large part of the Network. Consequently, a large number of users lost their broadband, including us.

It came back on stream late Wednesday afternoon, so the installation has been re-scheduled for this Saturday.

The Linn Klimax DS3/Katalyst streamer has been installed and looking very nice.

All I’ve got to do now is to work out how to use it and to start playing with it.


Been playing the streamer a while and been recording the tracks used. I’m using my Focal Elear headphones do as not to get any distractions.

It sounds OK, but I’ve noted a bit of harshness with some of the higher frequencies.

I’ve a bit more to do, to give a good workout, then I can start with the experimenting.

First thing will be to try the EE8 switch with the same tracks.

The next change will be to add a Naim PowerLine to the SuperCap powering the NAC282 and repeat. (Just won this on a well
known auction site).

After that, I’ll remove the EE8 and just try the Naim PL on its own and repeat.

I’m trying to get the same parameters each time, volume, tracks, headphones, etc. to get some repeatability. And, I know that this will take some time, but it will be fun doing it.

I like the look of the Naim PL, so hopefully it will be a noticeable improvement. Tried to fit it in the Linn KDS3/Katalyst, but it is too big for the rest of the case, so will stick with the Naim PowerLine Lite. The reason for starting with the 282 is that this is the controlling element, plus I have 2 x 250DRs.

You could also try a Network Acoustics filter. I was astonished by mine, once it had settled in, and they have a no hassle 30-day home trial. Really friendly too

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I’m very pleased to report that we are enjoying the Linn Klimax DS3/Katalyst. Finding it to be very clear and detailed, good deep bass, wherein required.

In the “Streaming” section I have written a very detailed report of our initial tests.
[(Changing to Digital and Audiophile Network Switch)]
Hopefully the link will work as I’ve never done this before.

Since then, after deciding to keep the EE8 Switch, it has been repositioned on the rack as there was some space behind the Naim Headline headphone amp. As a result of this, the TV has been connected by Ethernet to the switch as well and there is now the capability to do that.

One benefit we have found, which we weren’t expecting, is that we were watching a film Amazon Prime last night and Mrs DG commented that the picture seemed more detailed and clearer and, I must admit it was, quite noticeably so.

We finished the film and did some further tests and watched some snippets of the recent films we have watched. Again, the picture was much better.

Now, I can’t claim any miracles or anything, but by connecting the TV using Ethernet has made a huge difference in quality. I also can’t state if using the EE8 Switch and Chord Clearway streaming cables has helped this, but could be a combination of all these changes. So, we’re not going to change the present set up as we like the vast improvement as it is now. Plus, we very much like the sound quality of our system.

I’ve also taken the plunge to upgrade from the Naim PowerLine Lite to the Naim PowerLine for all the Naim components, but will be keeping the PL Lite versions on the NAPSCs. But can’t fit the PL to the Linn Klimax as the IEC plug is too big, so trying out alternatives. Currently trying the Titan Audio Nyx, as it has a smaller IEC plug, but don’t really like the look of it, so I’m doing some further investigations into other options. Some of the Chord mains leads have smaller IEC plugs, so might try one of those.

One question, though. What mains cables do other forum members use on their Linn Klimax DS3 streamers?

In the meantime, we will keep on enjoying it.


Because of the overhang on the housing above the connectors on the pre-2021 KDSM3 there is limited space for a power connector. I ended up getting one made by Andreas Wilibrand in Germany. He put a small furutech plug on his reference 25 k6 silver cable. Excellent results and excellent service. I bought a multi-socket adapter from him as well. All high-quality stuff.


I’ve been looking at the Chord Mains Cables, namely, the Shawline and Epic.

They seem to have some good write ups, plus they appear to be well designed and aesthetically pleasing as they will be on show in the lounge, which is also doubles up as the listening room.

@DiggyGun. Very nice! I have a Klimax DS/3 running into my active DBL system. I have a Qobuz account too. It was a bit of a revelation to be honest. I found the sound of the KDS to be a little ‘different’ to Naim electronics (I little ‘smoother’ if you like), but I quickly acclimatised. Main issue is the ability to listen to pretty much anything at any time. The record player has hardly moved since its arrival, so I think you made a wise choice.


We have Jazz24 on in the background most of time we’re not actually “listening”.

But I must admit that we do have a good “listening” session, which for me is daily, we have never heard such a good variety of Jazz. Our choice has expanded so much, which leads to the discovering of other artistes and albums.

We are really enjoying the whole process.

The LP12 and the CD5XS have been sold and we have a company coming round on Wednesday to value and buy the Vinyl and CDs.

You should host a Naim Community party / auction for your vinyl and CD collection. You’d probably get better prices too!

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I’m using a Sarum T mains lead with a Klimax-specific IEC - works a treat.

I also have one of the Chord GroundAray devices plugged into the spare RJ45 sockets, which was utterly sensational.

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